Jesterly Challenge Month – November 10th

Bardictale asked me to write a poem about a creature, being or setting from sci-fi or fantasy, but in it I’m not allowed to use words normally associated with the subject.  Give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


He had done his job, as second fiddle,
A footnote in another’s greater story,
Though greatness is more than glory,
And objectiveness is part of the riddle.

He came from nothing, as his student,
Rising up more from luck and chance,
Than due to desire or prophetic stance,
But writing him off would be imprudent.

He has been cast as the hero and villain,
And truly everything lingering between,
His influence more than what was seen,
Though none of his actions were a sin.

He stands at the pivotal crossroads now,
Fading in unimportance meets immortality,
Where the outcome is our responsibility,
But the decision’s no sweat off Merlin’s brow.


I think I failed this challenge: I mentioned “prophecy,” which I think definitely is usually associated with Merlin.  Additionally, I mentioned “influence” and “immortality,” which I’ve seen used with his legend as well.


There is a chance, ready your lance, take a sure glance and steady stance.
Don’t miss your chance, or with your lance, over a quick glance and uneasy stance.
You lost the chance, a shattered lance, because your glance wobbled your stance.