And Last But By No Means Least – Dacia Wilkinson

Click on over to read the final Fauxpocalypse author interview. The word brooding is mentioned, along with a brief discussion around the effects of the moon, and a bunch of other random (and not so random) awesomeness.



The last story in Fauxpocalypse, Full Moon, the talented and prolific Dacia Wilkinson. Today on Paws4Thought we welcome Dacia. Tell us a little bit about yourself, 

I’m an Oklahoma girl living in St. Louis. Of course, I’ve been in Missouri now longer than I lived in Oklahoma, but you just can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl. Most of my work has some Oklahoma in it. By trade I’m an English teacher, who also teaches Psychology, at a local trade school. I’m in love with that part of my life, just like I’m loving the other part of me who is a wife and mother to 6. My husband is a self-employed landscaper who spends his free time on a Harley. Our 6 kiddos range in age from 17 to 6. Ours is a busy existence – and life is good, even when it’s hectic. I struggle…

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the heir

“Nothing matters so much as blood.”

Or, that’s what they say, anyway.  But, after years of trying, Jack and Dianne were forced to accept the truth: they could not have children of their own.  They couldn’t produce an heir.  However,  as king and queen of the kingdom, that could not be the end of the story.

It was unheard of, unacceptable.  Never before in the long history of the kingdom had a king and queen failed to produce a natural heir.  The blood line had been unbroken since the beginning.  While Jack had already let go of the past, the history, the obligation in his mind, Dianne was unwilling to be the first to break the cycle.

An idea occurred to her and it didn’t take much to bring Jack around.

She had her hand maiden secretly search for a suitable match, and when one was found, Dianne hid herself from the rest of the kingdom for 9 months.

The big reveal was done amid much fanfare and celebration, a feast the likes of which the realm had never known before.  The kingdom would go on.  As far as any of the subjects were concerned the royal line remained intact.

Only four people ever knew the truth: the child was not actually kin of the king and queen.

The handmaiden and the child’s birth mother disappeared shortly after the prince was revealed.  Jack and Dianne never told their “son” either.

Jack wondered one evening, as he watched the prince at play amongst the jousting runs, how many of his predecessors, how many of his kin had done what he and his wife had done to “keep the bloodline.”

The thoughts did not trouble him long.


Word Count: 283.

This is in response to this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge.

BLOOD (noun)

a : lifeblood; broadly : life
b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage <a prince of the blood>
 c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship
 d : persons related through common descent : kindred
(1) : honorable or high birth or descent (2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree
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  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
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now comes the time of the prince

Wait, wait, wait…

That’s probably getting a little ahead of ourselves at the moment as I, the Jester, will still be responsible for the upkeep of this kingdom.  However, the prince has arrived.  We know from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series that all things serve the beam…  Well, in the matticus kingdom all things serve the prince even if he isn’t cognizant enough to realize or appreciate that.

So it goes.  And so it should be.

But, how did we get here?

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My life through maps

Feeling inspired to challenge myself today and do something a bit different, I’m going to use the Google Map embed feature to provide a (very) brief history of my life.

From 1981 through the summer 1999 I grew up in Ridgecrest, CA in the middle of the Mojave Desert:

It was a great place to grow up though I didn’t appreciate it at the time.  Quiet, peaceful, safe, and with easy access to both the western and eastern side of the Sierra. 

I was baptized in the Kings River, Zumwalt Meadows, Kings Canyon National park:

These driving directions are pretty good.  Take the 180 to Zumwalt Meadows, park, and then step down the trail a little ways.  I don’t think I could find the exact spot anymore, but once you are there you’ll get the idea.  And, yes, it was cold.

At the ripe old age of ten I went on a backpacking trip that, among other things on the week long adventure, saw us summit Mount Whitney:

These driving directions will get you to Whitney Portals and, if you have the proper permits and are properly conditioned, you can do the day hike up to the summit and back from there. On our trip we went in over Kearsarge Pass and hit Whitney on our way out of the backcountry.

We went on several family trips growing up.

Washington DC:



In 1999 I graduated from high school and moved to San Diego in the fall to attend UCSD, Revelle College. I lived in La Jolla (2 years), Serra Mesa (3 years) and Mira Mesa (3 years) until I left in 2007:

My alma-mater:

Shh, don’t tell my parents, but I may have taken a couple trips down to Tijuana:

After graduation, I took a trip out to Catalina Island to, er, um, “rest” and “recuperate” from the long and arduous years studying for school. (Can you hear my parents laughing in the background?):

I headed east to Prescott to visit my brother who went to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and then worked for the school for several years after graduating as a flight instructor before eventually winding up in Phoenix:

All of those trips were about resting and recuperating as well.

In 2007 I moved from San Diego to Camarillo where I lived with my soon to be wife until 2009:

We ventured out to Colorado on several occasions to visit her sister in Gunnison and to go snowboarding at Crested Butte:

The Rockies are as enchanting as the Sierra. Each of those trips was an absolute blast.

We took several trips up to Mammoth to snowboard, and we married there in April of 2009 at McCoy Station:

Eventually I’m going to have to do a separate post about our wedding. It was amazing. The picture at the top of my blog page is from that day – Top of the Sierra, standing on 18 feet of snow. We had some of our pictures taken with us sitting on that sign. Anyway, if you’ve never been to Mammoth, winter or summer, stop whatever you are doing (after you finish reading my blog of course) and go now.

In 2009 we bought our first house (a condo) in Oxnard and that is where we still find ourselves today:

We still venture out and about though, and aside from our normal trips up to the mountains we’ve also made it out to Pennsylvania a couple times and even to Playa Del Carmen:

Who knows where we will head next.

Connor Stein – Day 1

My friend and his wife ushered their second child into the world this morning: Connor.  Shortly after receiving the good news and the below picture I wrote the following poem and sent it off to the proud parents and older sister.

Welcome to the world, new little one.
It may seem all big and blurry now,
Soon you’ll be having a ton of fun,
With crawling and climbing and playing.

Welcome to the world, baby boy Stein.
There is no need to furrow your brow,
Your sister and parents will align,
To ensure you want for nothing.

Welcome to the world, tiny Connor.
You will be loved by all, this I vow,
Brilliance and comedy and honor,
And your cup will be overflowing.