Jesterly Challenge Month – November 20th

We have another very special request today, from the Little Prince’s Gramma, who wanted to know what the Little Prince would write about his Momma, Daddy, and his day-to-day life in the kingdom.  Give it a read and let me know how I did in the comments.


I asked the Little Prince some questions so we could get his unbiased and unfiltered words to describe his life (wholly untrue, I’m making this up as I go), and here is the transcript of that conversation:

Matticus (M): Hey, Buddy, how are you today?

Little Prince (LP): Good.

M: Should we just jump right in to the hard questions?

LP: Sure.

M: Okay, how would you describe your life?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So.  So, listen.  It’s like.  So.  So.

M: I’m sorry, you seem to be having a hard time coming up with the right words; let me try something different.  What is your favorite part of the day?

LP: Nokies!

M: Nokies?

LP: Nokies!!

M: Okay, what else do you like about your typical day?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So, listen.  Story time.  Book time.  Reading time.

M: Are those all the same thing?

LP: No!

M: Really?

LP: No!

M: Can you say anything other than “no?”

LP: Yes!

M: You seem rather excited.  What’s with all the yelling?

LP: I’m not yelling!!

M: Okay, moving on, what do you have to say about Momma?
LP: Nokies!

M: Anything else?

LP: Yes, she’s the best.  I love Momma.

M: Can you elaborate on that?  Why do you love Momma?

LP: …

M: Do you not understand the question?

LP: No.  Yes.  No.  So.  So.  So, listen.  Momma, momma, momma, mommommom, momma!

M: You are rather fond of her.  Would you consider yourself attached?

LP: Where is Momma?

M: Downstairs working on a project.

LP: Let’s go find her.

M: Can we finish this interview first?

LP: Momma?!  Where are you?  Momma!!!

M: It’s okay, kiddo, she’s downstairs.  We’ll go find her in a minu

LP: Momma!!!

M: Kiddo.  Just one more question.  Can you answer one more question?

LP: …

M: What do you have to say about Daddy?

LP: Momma?

M: No, Daddy?

LP: (lip quivering)  … Mom…Ma?

M: Kiddo, she’s downstairs.  We’ll go find her in a moment.  Can you answer my question?

LP: So.  So.  So.  So,  listen.  Momma?

M: …

LP: Daddy?

M: Yes?

LP: Can we go find Momma?

M: Okay, kiddo.  Let’s go.

LP: Nokies!!!

What’s in a blog name?

The Matticus Kingdom

You asked why I chose this title for my blog and what it means to me and, being the benevolent ruler of the kingdom that I am, I shall entertain these questions from my royal subjects without complaint, and even deign to respond.

As some of you know, before I became ruler of the Matticus Kingdom I was just a lowly DJ – a jester of sorts, if you will – plying my trade here and there, but mostly in my own house, trying to make a name for myself.  My DJ name, my persona when I transformed into that character, was Matticus.

That name is a combination of two other names.  The first of which is my real first name: Matthew.  The second part comes from none other than Sparticus.  Matt(hew)(Spart)icus.  Now before you go accusing me of coming up with such a pompous moniker for myself, I assure you had no part in picking this name.  It was bestowed upon me by some friends in college due to my heroish ways: always coming to the rescue of people when they needed help. 

If I was in college now maybe my nickname would have been something like Mattda or HeHohew.  Matt(hew)(Hon)da.  He(lpful)Ho(nda)(Matt)hew.  So I can be very thankful those commercials came out later.  Really dodged a bullet there, didn’t I?

After spinning for a few years and really deciding what type of music I liked to play, I sat down one day and recorded a three hour long set that encompassed all of the genres that I loved.  It represented who I was as a DJ completely.  I titled it: The Matticus Kingdom.

When I started this blog, and knew that it would encompass all of the things I love about writing, there was really only one name that I considered.

help! help!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Seek shelter, go underground, escape, run away, hide!  The sky is falling!

Oh…  Wait, are you sure?  Really?

I guess sometimes living in Southern California we forget what rain is…

Nevermind, no need to panic (I’ve got my towel*), everything is going to be okay**.

Now, if we could all just remember how to drive in the rain, then everything truly would be okay.  Not holding my breath on that though.


*Sorry, couldn’t resist the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.
**Always remember, the answer is 42.