Glitterbombed the Kingdom


Lizzi and Samara have glitterbombed the Kingdom!

There I was, minding my own business, when *poof* there was a grand explosion.  I took up arms to defend the kingdom, as I’ve been forced to do before with rogue sparkly vampires and even roguer words, but it was too late.  There was glitter.  Everywhere.


In other new, the Little Prince was very excited about all the things in the package that he assumed, mostly correctly, were for him.

In other, other news, you really should be following Lizzi and Samara, because they are both amazing writers and humans.  They make the world a better, and far sparklier, place.

Thank you, my dear friends, for the wonderful surprise and the amazing gifts.

Two Months in the Life

What a big weekend… a grand weekend… a Mammoth weekend we had to celebrate the little Prince’s two months among us.

We started the weekend with a trip to the grandparents’ house where the Prince spent his first night away from home.  His.  Very.  First.  Night.

That would be enough of an adventure for a two month anniversary right?

Well, we weren’t done there.

After spending the next morning playing with the grandparents, and leaving some strategically hidden hand-prints for them to find later, we bundled the prince back into his car seat and headed up the Eastern Sierra to Mammoth Lakes where the little prince got to spend his second night away from home.

That’s above and beyond, right?  Surely we’ve asked enough of him.  We’ve proven that he is amazing and we’ve given him a great gift by getting to spend two nights away from home and get to see some snow capped mountains.  I know you are thinking that’s enough.

But, it wasn’t.  Not for our prince.

Sunday morning we took him to the Day Care at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area where he got his first experience at getting cared for by someone other than family.  Sure, we were never more than 15 minutes away from him (as most of the mountain was already closed for the season) and we asked them to call us when he woke up from his morning nap (which they did) so we could immediately board down to the facility and play with him.  But, still, two nights away from home, and getting left with “strangers.”  He was having the biggest adventure of any two month old ever!

We thought he could handle a little bit more.

The queen and I finished the little snowboarding adventure of our own, picked up the prince from Day Care, and whisked him away… up … up …. up … up the gondola we went to The Top of the Sierra, 11,000 feet above sea level, the very top of Mammoth Mountain.  The three of us preceded out into the snow where we walked around, him completely bundled and swaddled against the queen, took some pictures, took in the view, and enjoyed the experience.

He didn’t fuss at all.

That night was his third night away from home, and then the next morning we continued his two month old adventure by taking him for a walk around some of the lakes.  He was once again bundled and he once again didn’t fuss at all.  As befits his royalty he took the whole weekend in his stride.  Thank you, JesterDad, may I have another?

“Yes, yes, my son, we can go again.”

So, for his two-month-aversary he got to spend three nights away from home, in two different places, see some lakes, spend some time in day care, spend some time with the grandparents, spend a whole bunch of time in the car, ride a gondola to 11,000 feet, get walked around on some snow…  That’s pretty good.

It was an amazing weekend.

What’s on tap for his third month in the life celebration you ask?

A week tent camping in the mountains.

You’re right, the queen and I may be crazy…


a month in the life

My dearest little Prince,

A month, a month, you’ve been alive for a month.  And where have those days, hours, and minutes gone?  How has it passed so quickly?  And yet, how has it only been a month, because I feel like you’ve been a part of our lives forever.  Haven’t you?  Isn’t that the case?  I guess not.  I guess that’s just a testament to how tightly you have your mom and I wrapped around your tiny little finger.

I guess that’s as it should be.

Though, that little finger isn’t as tiny as it was a month ago…

I guess that’s as it should be too.

And your eyes, your crystal clear blue eyes, are amazing as they flit back and forth, soaking in every inch of your surroundings, analyzing, cataloging.  I can already see you getting smarter, learning, growing, as I peer into their depths.  And I have spent hours doing just that, powerless to break my gaze away.

Sometimes, when the light is right, I can see myself reflected back in them… and that is a feeling that is indescribable: seeing yourself in your child’s eyes.

Do you recognize me now?  Do you know me for more than just my voice?  Will this time be the time that I pick you up and say your name and you smile at me, not because it is a reflex but because you actually mean to smile?  When will I hear your first laugh, your first giggle?  When I can unleash the Jester that I am fully for your entertainment?  I eagerly await those moments.

In the meantime, I will continue enjoying every second I get to spend with you.  Every squeal.  Every grunt.  Every cry.  Every tantrum over having to change clothes.  Every dirty diaper.  Every moment of quiet alertness.  Every moment of squirm time.  Because all of these moments are just as precious as everything that is to come.

One day you will understand that too, and that makes me grin from ear to ear.

With all my love,

The Jester




a letter to my son

My dearest little prince,

Tonight (or tomorrow morning depending on how you want to look at it) at 2:14AM you will have been among us, graced us with your presence, your noises, your faces, your silliness and grumpiness for two weeks.  I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone…

It makes me worry.  We all know that our sense of time passing speeds up with each passing day.  Each year goes quicker than the year before it.  Every time we turn around we seem to be passing another milestone that once seemed so far off in the distance we didn’t need to spare it a second thought yet… until, there it is on top of us, passing us, behind us and we are hurtling towards the next.  If these past two weeks have gone as quickly as they have, how fast will the next two go?  The next two months?  The next two years?  The next two decades?

Far too quickly, all of them.

Knowing this fact though, I find myself lost in the moments I spend with you, loathe to give them up, loathe to leave your side lest you make another of your silly faces, lest I miss one of your grunts or squeals.  I want to soak in every second I have, take it all in, hold it, relish it, and in so doing prolong the present.  It’s my way of fighting the passage of time.  A losing battle, I know, but a fight worth having regardless.

I commented yesterday that you hadn’t yet been the muse I knew you would one day be because a post about you would consist solely of “He eats, he sleeps, he poops, he repeats…”  But, pervasive through all of that is the joy of having you in our lives.  The wonderment that is you.  The way time is whizzing by is a testament to that fact.

Even at 4AM when I’m bouncing you, rocking you, swaying you, and singing softly in your ear to soothe you or entertain you as you squall trying to stave off sleep or as you take in the world around in you wide-eyed amazement, even as I’m longing for the bed and the sleep it holds, I still find myself filled to overflowing with joy.  Joy for you.  Joy for having you as part of our lives.  Joy for the future you hold.

I want you to know, my son, that even when I turn around two times and you are off on your own with a family of your own and I’m wondering what happened, I will still have those moment of joy to look back on.  Time cannot take those from me.

With all my love,

The Jester

above and beyond

Okay, raise your hand if you are familiar with a dinosaur named Rara?

Oh, you all already know her?  Well that’s convenient, not surprising, but convenient.

Still, you should go show her some Rawr love (as she would say) because she has truly gone above and beyond.  (You are following her on Twitter, too, right?)

Did you know she sent out Valentines to anyone who wanted one?  How awesome is that, right?  I’m not even sure that awesome begins to cover it.

Cute little Valentine's monsters.
Cute little Valentine’s monsters.

She didn’t just send me one either, she sent one for my wife.  Did I mention the above and beyondness of all of this?  Oh, I have?  Great, glad we covered that.  Honestly, I’m not sure what you are still doing here.  Go check out her site, right now!