The Little Prince is adorable.  That is crucial for you to understand for the rest of this story to make sense.  He’s one cute kid.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m his father.  Anytime we go someplace with him three or four people in separate instances will stop us to coo over him.  I’m not bragging, that’s just a fact.

Okay, I’m bragging a little bit.  But, can you blame me?

Those few bloggers who have been lucky enough to meet him in person can back me up here.  The Little Prince is adorable.

Got it?  Okay.

So, yesterday, the kiddo and I went to Petco, where the pets go, to grab some needed essentials for the royal kitties.  Troublemakers though they are, we still love them and take care of them since they are kind enough to let us share their home with them.  Anyway, we were checking out and the cashier rang us up with hardly any fuss at all.  She may have said something like, “Well hello their cutie, how are you today.”  And the Little Prince may have smiled at her and waved, because he does that, he knows how to flirt with the ladies.

He didn’t get that from me…

That’s not the point.  Right, stick with me, we are almost there.

As I was moving the cart away from the register towards the exit, I heard the same cashier go completely bananas over the patrons behind us in line.

“Oh, sweetie!!!  You are so adorable.  Yes you are.  Yes you are.”

She even dropped into some sort of baby talk that is usually reserved for the absolute cutest of the cutest.  I’m not exagerating.  It was cooing above and beyond the norm.

Surprised, and curious, I turned to see who could elicit such a response when the Little Prince hadn’t.


I nearly laughed right then and there, but was able to control myself until I had retreated to the privacy of the car.   I mean, I get it, it’s a pet store.  The employees had better enjoy animals if they are going to work there.  Sure.  Fine.

But the dog wasn’t even that cute!

smack smacks

I woke this morning just before 6AM to a sound I was somewhat familiar with but not used to hearing as my alarm: smack, smack, slurp, smack, smack, smack, pop, gurgle, smack, smack.

Softer than either of my two normal alarms it gently rocked me awake rather than startling me out of my slumber.

Smack, smack, gurgle, smack, smack.

Out of context it took me a few seconds to realize what I was hearing.  I’d heard that sound before, sure, but not that often yet, and never so early in the day.  Usually it was an afternoon or evening sound.  As I shook off the cobwebs of my three-hour nap (“Wow, it’s been three hours, that’s great” – with no sarcasm at all), I smiled as understanding reached me.

The smack smacks continued.  With an occassional coo as well.

Smack, smack, pop, smack, pop, coo, gurgle, giggle, coo, smack, smack.

Rather than waking to an actual alarm telling me I need to get up for work, or a screaming alarm telling me that a change and some food are needed, the little prince decided he’d find his fingers this morning and suck on them for a bit… before letting us know that he still needed a change and his breakfast.

It.  Was.  Adorable.

Smack, pop, snap, smack, slurp, coo, smack, smack.

So, I laid there for a few minutes and let him entertain himself with his fingers, enjoying this peaceful transition into wakefulness, and then when the smack smacks stopped I threw back the covers and rolled out of bed to rescue him from his diaper before handing him off to the queen.

It’s going to be another great day.