The Matticus Top 12 for Monday February 11, 2013

You’ll get the motivation for this post by the end….

My current top 12 favorite things (sort of) in no particular order (mostly):

#12 – Bruce Springsteen – listened to about five of his (and the E-Street band’s) songs on the way to work this morning.  He truly is The Boss.
#11 – Princess Bride – probably referenced this movie fifteen times over the weekend.  “It’s only the greatest movie ever made.”
#10 – Superman: Man of Steel – I’ve been watching the second trailer for this movie about once a day.  It.  Looks.  Fantastic!
#09 – Stephen King’s Dark Tower series – I’ve been stuck in the middle of a terrible book for a very long time.  I couldn’t talk myself into picking it up to finish it, and I couldn’t talk myself into putting it aside to start something else – “it got published, it must get better eventually…”  Yesterday I pulled down “The Gunslinger” and will start reading the series again to give me something I know I love to read and cleanse my mind of that other terrible book.
#08 – Only 20 days left until the 2013 season kicks off for the Los Angeles Galaxy.  Can we three-peat?
#07 – Did you know that there are lullaby versions of Green Day and No Doubt songs?  My wife and I got them this past weekend at the baby shower.  How cool is that?!
#06 – Family – both my family and my wife’s family are amazing.
#05 – Grumpy Cat Memes – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to elaborate.
#04 – Any top 10 list ever made – because it has two fewer entries than this list.
#03 – Any top 5 list ever made – because it has seven fewer entries than this list.
#02 – Jeff Dunham – normally I’d say that ventriloquism is kind of creepy, but the man is a hilarious genius.
#01 – Manchester United are 12 points clear at the top of the Premier League standings, with only 12 games left to play this season.