Revis and Matticus Save The Kingdom

  • A Thank You To All (7/18/2014) - Originally posted on 33 Grams of Blog:
    As you know, Matticus and I just finished up a story in which we saved his Kingdom from sparkly vampires. Along the way, we ran into many of our fellow bloggers. These are all amazing people. Not only did they make the writing process fun, they were also very…
  • Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 33 (7/16/2014) - Matticus didn’t have time to check on his Knight.  He had to hope that Revis’ cry of pain didn’t mean he’d lost the duel, and didn’t mean that Goldfish would have the energy and mental strength to cast a spell that could repel his attack. His anger fueled his legs.  The miles that he and […]
  • Revis and Matticus Save The Kingdom Chapter 32 (6/24/2014) - Originally posted on 33 Grams of Blog:
    While Matticus had Goldfish distracted with his attack, Revis ran to retrieve his thrown daggers. Just as he closed his hand around the hilt of his second one, he heard Matticus cry out. He looked over in time to see the Jester slump to the ground. Whatever had happened…
  • Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom Chapter 31 (6/9/2014) - After the initial shock wore off, Matticus was immediately confused by Goldfish’s presence before him. “You’re a mermaid,” he stated. “How are you floating?” “You aren’t the only people who have travelled through the portals. I went through one and found a group of other mermaids. They were able to float as if they were […]
  • Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom (6/4/2014) - Originally posted on Stories from the Chocolaterie:
    Revis & Matticus are trying to Save the Kingdom from the Sparkly Vampires and the “Evil” Jaded.  This is what happened just after Chapter 26, when Revis and The Jester left FaithHopeChocolate (ie, me) and Steph at the rebel camp just outside Bruges… ******* ~~~~~~ Steph turned to…