The first batch was prepped and sat waiting on the tray. The magic would be unleashed only after the potion within had been ingested. It was a simple spell, really, but one that was needed more and more in those trying times. Every cookie was infused with a bit of happiness for those who dared to eat them.

The baker hoped to spread that joy around the world. Who could resist? Who would want to?




The beach was deserted except for a few abandoned umbrellas that would get swept away with the next high tide. The people had vanished, though none who came looking for them afterwards could say where or when they had gone. They had simply gone. Which was a shame, because conditions were perfect for a day at the beach.



The crunch under the board. The shifting, drifting, sliding. The crisp air plucking at my flesh. The warm sun battling back the chill. The clean air filling my lungs. The adrenaline surging through me.

Oh, how I long to be in my beloved mountains, with my beloved Queen, strapped to a piece of plastic and throwing myself off the sides of mountains.

There’s Always Next Year

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It was one of those seasons that tested your faith as a fan
To watch them lose again and again
In ugly games that lacked style and flair
Where the players refused to rise up, to risk everything, to dare
But there is hope for next season
And hope is really the only reason
I need to watch, to chant and cheer, “LA,” “Galaxy”
The call and response for my beloved home team
So rest up, practice and have no fear
I’ll be ready, I’ll be there, I’ll be rooting you on again next year