Jesterly Challenge Month – November 30th

We made it!  And what a month it has been.  30 days and 30 posts.  Well, more than 30 posts actually because there were some bonus posts here and there throughout.  Did you have a favorite?  Did you enjoy the adventure of it all?  Are you ready for December?

For all you NaNoWriMo participants, did you get to 50,000 words?  How is your story coming along?

For all you #TeamTinyPepper Nano Poblanos, did you manage a post every day?  As you all know, I cheated and scheduled mine way in advance so the posting part was easy.  Hopefully, though, I made a good showing of myself as a #CheerPepper and visited your blogs and shared your words with the blogosphere and the twitterverse.  I know I was trying to keep up at the beginning of the month, but I’m not sure how I was going to fare with the holiday at the end.  Fingers crossed that I do/did okay.

Thank you, in all seriousness, to everyone who liked, commented, and shared any of my posts from this month.  I had a lot of fun writing and posting in such a concentrated period of time, like I used to but haven’t been able to in a year or so because excuses.  (Some legitimate and some not.)  It was a bittersweet nostalgia to be so active again and feel almost as connected to this community as I was, while also knowing it wasn’t the same and it wasn’t going to last anyway.  C’est la vie.

Hmm, since this post is supposed to be a celebration of all of our collective awesomeness, I’m not really sure what that downer tangent is about, so ignore it and get back to patting yourselves on the back, throwing streamers and confetti about your rooms, and some general awesome merriment and partying.  Know that the whole of the kingdom is applauding you for your accomplishments in November.  You are all amazing.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 29th

The end is near,
But never fear,
We’re not going anywhere.

Tomorrow is the wrap,
On this month long trap,
To keep you all from your desired nap.

We may take a day,
Or two or three away,
And then we will be back to play.

What an adventure,
That is certainly sure.
The words flew fast and pure.

Words filled our screens,
From dawn to evening,
More than we have ever before seen.

One more day to go,
And this I do know,
Your beautiful hearts did clearly show.

So, good on you,
For staying true,
To the cause and your own truths too.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 28th

Sheena didn’t officially challenge me to write something based on this picture, but I felt compelled to, because it is too awesome not to contribute and pass it along.  So, here’s the picture, and my words follow, as always.


Lego minifigures minifig jester queen pizza prince

“Where you going, Daddy?  Momma, where’s Daddy going?”

The Little Prince, as impatient with answers to his questions as he was with everything else at the moment, tugged on the Queen’s dress.  She bore it with the grace that comes with decades of royal training and smiled down at her son, with a raise of her eyebrows that indicated his answers would come if he would wait a moment longer.

The Jester, with a smile of his own, turned to face the Little Prince.  “Where do you think I’m going?”

The Little Prince was not amused.  Answering a question with another question did not get him what he wanted and he pursed his lips and furrowed his brow to show his disappointment.  With a vigorous shake of his head, he completed his refusal to reply.

The Jester bent down so he was level with his son and said, “I’m all dressed up.  Got my jingle hat on.  Got my sparkles on.  Got my bag of tricks.  Where do I go when I’m like this?”

The Little Prince smirked.  He knew the answer but was too stubborn to give it.  So, he shook his head again and crossed his arms in front of him.

With a roll of his eyes and an exaggerated, fake, sigh, the Jester rose, “I’m off to the blogosphere to spread silliness and joy.  But, don’t fret, I shall return.  I always do.”

“Momma, you going with Daddy?”

“No, I’m staying here to play with you.”

Relief flooded the child’s features and his infectious dimple bordered smile returned.  “Okay, bye Daddy.  Come on, Momma, let’s play!”

While the Little Prince eyed the nearest wall, considering its durableness and springiness to determine if it would be good to bounce off of, the Jester stepped closer to his wife.  “You know,” he whispered, “you are both welcome in the ‘sphere.”

“I know,” she whispered back.

“What do you know?”  The Little Prince was by her side again, earnestly hoping to meet her gaze.

“I also know,” the Queen continued, dropping the whisper, “that we are there with you always, even when we aren’t.”

“What are you talking about, Momma?”

She placed a hand on his shoulder but he ignored her request for patience.

“Momma?  Momma?  Momma!  What you talking about?”

The Jester smiled and bowed deeply to his Queen and then straightened as he spoke, “You are my loves, my muses, it’s true.  You are in everything I do.  Today, I’ll borrow the duality of his urgent clinging fearlessness and your unfaltering beauty.  I’ll take on the role of bard and pen a poem, constructed with your cadence and curves, and biting with jabs at the falseness of who we pretend to be.  Or, perhaps I’ll take on the role of minstrel and pen a song, with harmony and melody wondrous to hear, but with lyrics that frighten those who stray too near.”

The Little Prince was wide eyed and momentarily silenced, held in a trance by his father’s words, and the Queen smiled at her Jester and put her free hand on his shoulder.  “Whatever you are today, you will be great.”

The moment passed, “Bye, Daddy,” the Little Prince exclaimed while pulling the Queen the opposite direction.  “Come on, Momma, let’s go play.”

With a wink and a laugh, the Jester took his leave to wander, purposefully and distractedly, into the blogosphere.  He wasn’t sure who he would end up being that day, or what he would find, but he knew it would be good.  He knew it would be great.  The Queen was always right about those sorts of things.

Jesterly Challenge Month – November 27th

Some of you will be working, and some of you sleeping,
And some will be nursing hangovers, you poor things.
Some of you will be wandering the blogosphere or writing,
And some will be playing with family, the day enjoying.
Some of you will be driving, your home set as the heading,
And some will be asking, “What was, or wasn’t, I thinking,
When this poem had the simplest of rhyming, to keep on reading,
All the way to its ending?”  And that question I’ll be answering:
Either you like to do some time wasting, or you hung on while hoping,
This silly, maddening, nonsense would have a conclusion resonating,
With a brilliant twisting point or insight, but you, my faithful kingdomite, anticipating,
And wishing for something poignant in the final line, I surely will be disappointing.