In the sixth year of the kingdom, other than November when I posted every day, I had fewer than 20 posts. The most popular of those were the letters to my sons. But how could I resist reblogging this one? I couldn’t, obviously, and I’m sure you won’t fault me for that. Nom nom nom. Enjoy!

The Matticus Kingdom


The first batch was prepped and sat waiting on the tray. The magic would be unleashed only after the potion within had been ingested. It was a simple spell, really, but one that was needed more and more in those trying times. Every cookie was infused with a bit of happiness for those who dared to eat them.

The baker hoped to spread that joy around the world. Who could resist? Who would want to?

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we shall see

And from my fifth year of blogging, this little poem and self reflection.. that has somewhat continued since. I do not post as often as I would like. But, the routine I’ve set this year is at least helping me so more than I used to. Anyway, this post was well received five years ago. I hope you enjoy it again.

The Matticus Kingdom


I see you, seeing me.
Asking questions with those eyes.
Preparing your blatant lies.
You can’t fool the jester.

We shall see what we shall see.
That’s how the saying goes.
That’s how the fiction grows.
I’m more than silly, mister.

Spinning rhymes, let it be,
And my gaze will find the truth,
More than words and more than proof.
More than sins that pester.

My sight looks out to be free.
Though my heart knows its place,
And I’m too tired to race.
So my words only fester.


Blah.  I’ve sat down to write a post with this picture for the last couple days, and nothing came to me, so then it became this hurdle I had to get through.  And prove that I could do it?  Or, maybe just be done with it so I could move on to something else?  Or, maybe just because I’m stubborn? …

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The Erratic Sun

Hopefully you’ll forgive this bit of shameless self promotion. And, I guess, even if you don’t forgive it that’s okay because it is without shame anyway… And, anyway, as we continue the ten year bloggiversary of the kingdom, it is amazing that this gem came out in the fourth year. That seems so long ago and still just like the other day. Tine is funny.

The Matticus Kingdom

Revis, the First Knight of the Kingdom (he helped me save it once, if you remember that epic adventure) and I wrote a book!!

The Erratic Sun - Cover Click HERE to order the kindle version from Amazon.

The e-reader (Kindle) version is available today, and the paperback will be ready in a couple days for the purists out there.  Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping you updated on that pertinent information.

To kick off the festivities around our pub date, I asked Revis some questions about our story (The Erratic Sun) and writing in general:

Matticus: Where did you come up with the idea for the story?
Revis: The idea for this story, or any of my stories, is usually just a basic premise that pops into my head. Once that happens, I’ll take the time to start building up the rest of it and flushing out the details…

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do you dare?

The 10 year anniversary celebration continues. This post is from the third year of the kingdom and one of my very favorite bits of writing. What do you think? Did I capture the moment? Do the words go with the picture?

The Matticus Kingdom

The staccatoed wails and grinding moans haunt the empty street.  The sounds lilt and rend, clawing for attention, purposefully the opposite of the peaceful evening.  And, yet, it is beautiful and harmonious despite the discord.  There is magic in the notes.  There is the soul of a blues-man in the undertones of the harmonicas plaintive cry.

He sits with his back against the graffiti and shit stained bricks, the color of his hair lost in the grease and filth of his time on the street.  His knees are tucked against his chest, and his bare ankles are barely discernible from the darkness regardless of the large gap between the hem of his worn pants and the top of his tattered shoes.  The silver harmonica, however, gleams in the night, catching every stray beam of light that dared wander down the alley and passing it along in spirals of glinting rainbows.

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And from the second year, in this month of reblogging to celebrate ten years of the kingdom… This wasn’t the most popular in terms of likes. But it had nearly the most comments from unique visitors. Anyway, it was a nice stroll down memory lane.

The Matticus Kingdom

I was propositioned by a drug dealer yesterday…

Did that grab your attention?  Good.  It was supposed to.

But, there is more to the story than that.  So, let’s look at a few more details of the situation.

It happened at the community college across the street from my house.  While I don’t live in the nicest neighborhood, I was still a bit surprised when the nice man said hello and asked if I wanted to buy some weed.  It is, after all, a college campus…

Okay, so that doesn’t really work as an argument either way does it.  A place of education and partying…  But, still, I often frequent the school and it had never happened before.  Plus, it was daylight, not yet dinner time.  And it was a bit unsettling that he was so forward about the transaction he wished to make.

So, okay, while that threw me…

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