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Versus: Fiction’s Greatest Wizard

The poll is up! Go vote for Fiction’s Greatest Wizard!

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My last couple of post have been leading up to this one. I’ve been asking you all to submit your picks for who you think is Fiction’s Greatest Wizard. There are quite a few choices. Many wizards have captured our imaginations throughout books, movies, or video games. Boiling them down to one choice will be a difficult task, so we’ll let our poll try to sort it out for us.

The choices will be posted in the order I received them. One of them is from a guy I work with that doesn’t blog, but I’m not holding that against him. If his pick wins, I might even tell him about it. The argument I will put down for his pick will be a direct quote. Also, I’ll be leaving the poll open for two weeks.

djmatticus – Raistlin Majere. He defeated gods with his magic. Case closed.

Jodi Greenfield – …

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Let Us Know

Hi, it’s your First Knight again, reminding you that there is still time for you to let us know who you think is Fiction’s Greatest Wizard. You can leave your choice in the comments here, or in the comments on the original post.

So far, Raistlin Majere (from the DragonLance series of books) and Harry Potter  (I probably don’t need to elaborate on this one) have been chosen. If you think someone else is deserving of the title of Fiction’s Greatest Wizard, let us know who it is in the comments and leave a sentence or two on why you think your choice is the correct choice. 

Join in the debate!!!!

Inside The Frame

Thank you Simon for challenging me. I’m still not sure about it.

Photo shows our faces smiling
Eternal love placed in a frame.

Outside shows faces contortimg
unbeknownst inside the frame.

Anger in our faces rising
Never betrayed by the frame.

Tempers uncontrolled and hurling
Shattered faces broken panes.