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Ethan is a dedicated writer.  He has more patience than anyone else I know in the craft, writing, rewriting, and completely revamping entire epic story arcs to make sure he is delivering the best story he possibly can.  I’ve had the privilege of watching him learn and hone his craft over the years.  Clarity is his first offering in a much larger series.  Check it out and get ready to go on a long journey in the years ahead.

High Priestess Daena Vulatanne has studied and trained for more than a decade with the hopes of leading the Holy Order of the Water Goddess Anahita.When a strange messenger arrives, she must decide whether to remain safe within her isolated community of women or risk her role as future leader and expose them.However, this safety is merely an illusion as one member seeks retribution for the Order’s destruction of her brethren, and the messenger offers the key to this lifelong ambition.For them to survive, Daena will have to sacrifice something dear to her: her ideals, her devotion, or her life.

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Bill, Bill, Bill…  Where is Bill?  Wait!  Not that Bill.  Bill Friday, of course.  The poet!  Though, it wouldn’t surprise me all that much if he knew Kung Fu too.  Anywho, this is another shameless friend promotion.  Have you read any of Bill’s poems before? You should.  I believe I’ve shared them before.  He has a knack for capturing a moment and then twisting on its head to make you think or to hit you in the feels or both.  Get his books.  Read them.  Expand your mind and your world.

A Death on Skunk Street is the first stand-alone book by Los Angeles poet William S. Friday. Subtitled, “…a life in poems”, the book is both a remembrance, and a look forward, at what Bernard Malamud (“The Natural”) called, “The life we learn with… and the life we live after that”. Skunk Street is a work of visions, written by a blue-collar college drop-out with the eloquence of an angry Psalmist. Parts neon and noir, full moon and sunsets, and the words that come from feelings too often unexpressed. From loneliness in a sea of humanity to, comfort in the company of self. There’s blood, and brains, printed on every page. In the author’s own words… “Somewhere along the way, after all the years and all the experiences, you realize that the only thing you have to show for them is your recollection of them. And then, you write. So I guess I’d have to say that I’m the guy who writes what he remembers.”

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What can I say about Ra that I haven’t said before?  Not much… so, to reiterate, she’s basically magic, and chances are she loves you.  Here is one of her offerings available for purchase.  Do I think you should get them all?  Yes.  Yes I do.  So… what are you waiting for?

This book is a gentle call to happiness in a time of healing, and a reminder that — wherever you are, whoever you are– you are loved.

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Revis… I’m sure you’ve heard of him…  is a fine writer.  He has a wonderful couple short stories available to pick up and take in right now.  This is the first of them.  I recommend reading both, of course, and I have it on good authority that a third is in the works too.  So, when you find yourself liking the characters and the world, take heart, there is plenty more where this came from.

Blackmoon WarMage (Declevon Blackmoon Book 1) by [Hansen, Michael]

Declevon Blackmoon is studying to become his clan’s next WarMage. Those studies are interrupted by the WarPriest, the clan leader. The WarPriest has a mission for him: find one of the clan’s other WarMages who has gone missing. If he completes it, he will be accepted fully into the WarMage ranks. If not, it may very well be the end of him.

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I loved this story…  I had the great honor of doing a peer review for Grasyon before he published it.  It meant a great deal to me that he trusted my opinion.  It’s a little bit science fiction.  It’s a little fantasy.  There’s drama and love and intrigue and super powers…  What’s not to like?  And all of it written by a skilled author.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go get this book!

Everything changed the moment Super-humans became a reality; laws, politics, and society. They built the Office of New Entities to govern the Super-human population. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Norms afraid of Super-humans. Super-humans afraid of government. Government afraid that they’re losing control. One side versus all sides.
In any group, the further you look, the clearer the individuals become. They are children, men, woman, lovers, families, hopes, dreams, futures and pain. They are people torn apart by something they have no control over. And despite all that, there are some that choose to bear the burden of responsibility. They fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves.
The legendary and invulnerable John Porter. Alien/human poster boy Robert Day. Abandoned telepath Shruti Pandey. First functional teleporter Eve Levitas. People with a past and future, all caught up in something bigger.
They are heroes.
And this is just the beginning.

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