I like to stand here and look down into an area I will likely never actually set foot in.  I’ve only ever seen it covered in snow, except once when I did make it to this point in the summer.  But, for the most part, I have this beautiful untarnished snow covered image of this valley behind Mammoth.

I feel like it is one of those things best viewed from a distance.  If I were to snowboard down the backside, out of bounds, or if I were to go hiking into that area in the summer, what I would find when I got there could never live up to the beauty I saw from the top of the mountain.  I’ve built it up to such a point in my thoughts that the reality of it could only disappoint me.

So, knowing this, I like to stand here and look down, and behold the beauty of the world as I see it, rather than how it actually is.



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Oh, Glory, Glory
You wonderful red devils
You’ve got your swagger back
And so I’ve got my joy
As the goals flow the right direction
As the games are thrilling again
As the fun confidence oozes through the team
As Manchester United resumes its position as a force to fear


Little Prince’s Photo Blog:

Partially as a distraction, and partially just to see what he would do with it, the Queen and I let the Little Prince have one of our old cameras. He doesn’t have constant access to it, but when we are out and about he is allowed to bring it along and take pictures of whatever he finds interesting. When he is older, I’ll ask him if he wants to start a photo blog to document and share the snaps he has taken. For now, though, I asked if I could share some of them with my friends and he quickly and happily said yes.

So, every Thursday this month, I’ll be posting one of his pictures. Maybe I’ll include some words, or maybe I’ll let his picture speak for itself… I guess you’ll have to keep checking back in to find out for yourself.



This was the Little Prince’s first, and perhaps his last, experience with a disposable camera. It was one of those unique moments where I realized he was interacting with something his generation would likely never know about it. So, here it is, proof that once upon a time, the Little Prince saw (and used) a camera that had actual film instead of digital files.

If you are wondering, he also knows what VHS tapes are. One of his favorite movies is one he watches on VHS. He has seen cassette tapes, too, but hasn’t yet heard one played through my stereo. He has no idea what a rotary phone is, however. That one is particularly funny because at his first eye appointment they showed an image of one (using pictures rather than letters or numbers to test his vision) and he didn’t call out what it was. It wasn’t because he couldn’t see it. It was because he didn’t know what it was. Perhaps it is time for the eye doctors to update their testing materials? I think so.

In a bit of silliness, I am the Jester after all, I love that he used a digital camera to take a picture of a film camera…

can you tell the difference?


Are they or aren’t they? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Is that regular oak or the poison kind?

You’d think after all the trails I’ve walked that I would be able to spot it instantly, but I’ve never been very good at telling the difference between plants of any kind. The distinction has never held my interest and so I’ve never memorized what was what.

Either through an abundance of caution or sheer dumb luck, I’ve managed to avoid coming in contact with any of the less than friendly plants. Or, what’s that saying? Luck favors the prepared? Perhaps I’ve been lucky because of my abundance of caution.

I didn’t get anywhere near this plant as I took its picture. Why risk it?