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I titled the post that because I wasn’t sure what I should call it. I was torn between two options. It was either going to be called “A Conversation That Shows How Our Minds Work”, or “Proof That Our Minds Don’t Work”. I’ll let you decide.

(Actual lines of email from between Matticus and myself)

Matticus: Flog some Molly, my friend!  They are a lot of fun.  Catching tunes.  Upbeat… in the same vein as The Offspring in some aspects… Kind of punk, kind of pop, … good strong guitar riffs, with the added bonus of an Irish vocalist.  Anyway, I think you’d like them.  Some of their stuff is available on Prime Music if you have that… 

Revis: Who’s Molly and why are they flogging her? And why are they breaking Benjamin too?

M: And what did Ben fold five of?

R: Why are they dropkicking Murphys?

M: I…

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Versus: 0205

Time to vote!
Who is fiction’s greatest assassin?
Click the link and make your selection. I’m relying on you. The Kingdom is relying on you. The blogosphere is relying on you.
You are our only hope.
(Please excuse the over the top drama.)

33 Grams of Blog

Hey, everybody. It’s time for the newest episode of Versus. This time it will be a battle royal, with you, the readers deciding the outcome. A week ago, I put up a post asking for you to tell me who you think Fiction’s Greatest Assassin is. I received a good number of answers. So, I will be putting the nominees in a list below, along with the arguments that the people who nominated made for them. At the bottom of the page, I will be putting a poll up for everyone to vote on.

If you are one of the people who nominated a character, be sure to tell everyone to come vote. We want this to be biggest voter turnout yet for Versus (though that’s not going to take much, to be honest).


  1. Nominated by Jessie : Fitz – hands down.
    Because he’s an excellent assassin…

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Wanna Participate?

Revis and I need your help! Click over to his blog and provide your argument for fiction’s best assassin. Is it the terminator? Is it the winter soldier? Is it a character from a book you are currently writing? Throw their name in the hat and then we’ll let the blogosphere decide on the best!

33 Grams of Blog

A while back, I did a post asking for others to help me debate who fiction’s greatest archer was. I asked that anyone who wanted to participate should write a post and link up to my original post. Only two people besides me did it. In retrospect, I realized that what I asked was probably too much work for most people to do. After all, we’re all busy people.

So when Matticus and I started talking about a new Versus matchup, I got the idea to try this idea out again, only this time I won’t be asking you to do an entire post on it.

The topic of this particular Versus episode is: Fiction’s Greatest Assassin.

If you would like to participate, all you need to do is comment your choice and give at least 2 or 3 sentences on why you think your choice is Fiction’s Greatest Assassin…

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down at the crossroads

I wonder if I have come to a crossroads… though, it’s truly more like a multi-branch intersection or even a roundabout but that fails to have the same musical allusion, so… and the decision I make next will greatly impact the path I travel for the next little bit.  I guess the good thing about this, if it is in fact a turning point, is that I can always walk back to this point and choose a different direction.  Whatever I choose does not have to be forever.

I have way too many started but unfinished writing projects… and I’m thinking about publishing them here as is so I can start over fresh on something new, without the guilt of these works-in-progress hanging over me.

If I were to take what I’ve written and schedule it out into nice little bite sized pieces of 300-500 words (or full chapters depending on the project), I would have daily posts for the rest of this year and well into the next…


I could set them aside for later, as I have been doing, because maybe one day I’ll have the energy to complete them…


I could stare at them one at a time until inspiration hits and I’m able to add words to them and eventually maybe I’d get one, or all, ready to publish.

So, here I am needing to pick a direction and unsure which one to choose.  I’m stalling, choosing none and therefore doing nothing.  The easiest would be to continue on us I have been, start a new project I’m excited about and not worry about the half-finished ones cluttering up my writing folder.  The next easiest would be to admit I’m not going to finish them and let them go, share them with you, my faithful kingdomites.  The hardest would be to force myself to finish them…

And admitting that is kind of a hard truth, right?  Does that mean I’m not really a writer, that I’m not really a novelist?  I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m an author for 4 years now and perhaps it is time to set my aspirations a bit lower?  When I’m not excited to put in the work to actually finish any of these projects… but I have published before… but those were all projects with other writers, other authors and so I was able to hold myself accountable to finish my parts through peer pressure… but I have published before… but but but…  Here I am talking myself in circles and still doing nothing.

So, I find myself at a crossroads and need to pick a direction.

one moment

Adulting is hard.

Parenting is harder.

But then there are moments where everything comes together…

Picture, if you will, a simple car ride up the street to run an errand, four-year-old ensconced in his chair in the back, and a familiar tune begins to play through the speakers.  My voice comes in to join the singer’s, as is my way, and a small voice from the backseat chimes in.  And there it is.  I’m singing in the car with the little prince.

I didn’t ask him to sing.  I didn’t force him to learn the words.  It was a familiar song, yes, one I’ve played a lot, one that I’ve sung to a lot, one he has sung to before on his own at home.  He memorized the words on his own, though, and in that moment he chose to sing with me rather than just listen, rather than telling me stop singing so he could sing, rather than telling me to stop so we could just hear the true artist.  He joined his voice, small as it was, so we would be singing together.

I don’t know that I could adequately explain why that meant so much to me, both in general and on that day and I doubt he had any idea, but I nearly cried.  I grew up singing in the car.  Some of my earliest memories are of my dad thumping a steady rock beat out on the center console while the whole car exploded with our (often terrible) singing.  Leaving that image as is, perhaps it is best to only add that music has always played a major role in who I am, from casual listener, to instrumental student, to DJ…  Music has defined many of the milestones of my revolutions around the sun.

Adulting is hard and parenting is harder and that’s okay because I’m occasionally given moments of such joy that I know all the struggles are worthwhile.  Singing in the car with the little prince was one of those moments.  I can’t wait to do that again.  I can’t wait to see what the next moment will be too.

The song ended and I turned in my seat to say over my shoulder, my voice catching a bit in my throat and my eyes straining to hold back the tears while a smile lit my face, “I love you, kiddo.”


Adulting is hard.

Parenting is harder.