So this is ten

Dear Little Prince,

So this is ten? 

So it is.  Though I have no idea how that is possible.  Time is funny like that and seems to be getting funnier with each passing year.

Usually these letters flow.  I know what I want to say and the words appear on the page as my fingers sweep across the keyboard.  This time?  This age?  This letter?  I have no idea how to put into words everything you’ve done, everything you’ve become. 

Brave.  Boisterous.  Helpful.  Honest.  Curious.  Caring.  Silly.  Sarcastic.  Empathetic.  Earnest.  Adventurous.  Active.  All the things…

I have stories and memories that go with each of those words and thousands more. 

When I stop to think of how far you’ve come, I’m not only proud of who you are but I’m in awe of all you’ve accomplished: the adventures you’ve had, the projects you’ve willingly tackled, the personality you’ve honed, and on and on. 

In awe. 

How?  How have you done so much?

Oh yeah.  It’s been ten years.  Ten trips around the sun.  Ten may not be the biggest number but it sure can feel big at times.  And for me, this year, this moment, it feels huge.

Happy Birthday, my Little Prince.  I hope you have a fantastic day and year ahead.

I love you, kiddo.

Love Daddy / The Jester / Matticus


4 thoughts on “So this is ten

  1. Wow 10…it seems like just yesterday he was running around the outdoor space of our meet up. So much energy. I loved these letters. 🙂

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