so this is six, again

Dear Littler Prince,

So this is six?  And how is that possible?  How are you six already?  Time is surely playing some trick on the Queen and I…  Surely that’s the only explanation.  I would shake my fist at time but, alas, the moment has already passed.

Six.  What a great age.  You have such a fun year ahead of you.  Finishing up kindergarten.  Starting first grade.  And?  What else are you going to start this coming year?  What adventures will you go on?  It’s a mystery for now.  Soon to be solved.

And we say goodbye to five.  The year you became a lego master like your big brother.  You really took to your swim lessons over the summer and are turning into a fish, also like your big brother.  You got back into bike riding.  You leaped ahead in math.  You got into the Worlde and Quordle craze.  And, and, and.  And it was another year absolutely full of adventures.  Too many to recount.  Too many to remember, actually.  It was a blur.

I know we had our struggles, too, of course.  Five was a tough age.  We got through them, as we do, as we always will.  I’m sorry for the times I yelled when I could have found a gentler way to parent.  I’m sorry for the times I couldn’t understand your needs faster.  I’m happy to report that the days ahead will get easier.  Just like you, I’m constantly learning.  With each new day I’m better understanding how to be the best dad for you that I can be. 

And so, I’m excited for six.  I think it’s going to be a great year.

Love you kiddo.

Love Dad/Matticus/The Jester


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