The Writer

Finishing off this ten year celebration of the kingdom with this piece from the tenth year. I was very happy with how this turned out and given the likes and comments it was well received too. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the re-read as much as I did. Thanks for everything over the last ten years. You all, my faithful kingdomites, are what keep me coming back. You and the words.

The Matticus Kingdom

Photo by Simon Berger on

The snow had started sometime in the night, soft and light at first, barely sticking.  It let the wind dance and swirl it around.  That kind of magical storm where it looks like the flakes are rising more than falling.  Then, before dawn, the snow grew heavier, the ice crystals jagged and gripping as it began to pile together.  The world was soon blanketed in white folds that despite the sharpness of the ice was soft.  It seemed to glow.  The world seemed to sigh with contentment.


The writer who called himself Trent, sat back in his chair, stretching away from the keyboard to gaze out his office window. The snow had covered the bottom quarter or so, partially blocking the view of his yard. The flakes were still falling but not as hard or full as they had before dawn. In the…

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