Song Lyric Stories

Revis is looking for lyrics to inspire some writing. Pop over to his site and leave a line or two for him.

33 Grams of Blog

Like everyone else, I love music. Though we may listen to different songs, the way music resonates with us is probably the same. There’s some songs that pump you up, get you going. Some that tug at your emotions, that you feel deep inside yourself. Some that make you want to dance. OK, that last one is for everyone else. I have yet to hear a song that makes me want to dance.

Then, there are some that inspire you. Over the years, there have been many songs that have inspired me in numerous ways. A lot of my writing has been inspired by music in one way or another. My story Dead Set was named after a Sevendust song. I named another story (that I will probably never finish) after The Offspring song Gone Away. Even my pseudonym is musically inspired. Revis and Edgewater are both bands that I…

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