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Sparks splashed the asphalt before disappearing under my car.  It was beautiful.  A dazzling explosion of red and orange in the dark morning. 

A flash of color, of life, and then gone. 

In that instant, the ashes looked alive. They moved like tiny creatures, swirling, a spark dancing in the dark. 

It was the kind of thing I’d have loved to last longer so I could really capture the colors and movement, build a story off it, and tie it back to a song, to a memory, to something beautiful.

I didn’t enjoy it in that moment, though. 

It was anger I felt first and strongest

Who throws a cigarette out their window these days?  In fire prone country?  During a drought?

The absurdity made me furious.

5 thoughts on “sparks

  1. and me as well. I have long had issue with smoking anyway, but irresponsible inconsiderate smokers are by far the worst. Sometimes the cost is great for their negligence. I’m sorry you had to witness such careless disregard. We have had 3 members of our collective families die from smoking. 😦

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