This space, other than my letters to the princes, has been about fiction for so long, it feels weird to be writing about life in the kingdom.  So much has changed since I first started.  That was before the first prince had even shown up.  He was on the way, yes, but not yet here.  How can eight years feel like a lifetime ago?

I keep having this conversation with a colleague, about how time is always funny but pandemic time has been outright “hilarious.”  (For today’s post, hilarious = ridiculous.)  Blink once and the day is over.  Blink twice and you’ve lost a month.  Blink three times and suddenly time has slowed to the point where it feels like it might just be going backwards, and what a horror that would be…  Blink four times and the cycle repeats, except maybe they’ll be in a different order.  Or maybe it will be completely different because nothing is certain at the moment, not even the steady march of time.  It slips.  It slides.  It stops and sprints.  It does a jig and then stands against the wall to catch its breath.

–Side note: fellow author and blogger, Arthur, has a podcast where he delves into the mystery and inevitability of time. He has some great word play in the podcast that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve spent the last 14 months working from home.  It’s been an adventure.  I’ll likely be home for a few more months as well.  That information is just a tangent on how the normal rhythm of my days has been different during the pandemic and is definitely a factor on how weird time has felt.  And while you may ask how come I haven’t gotten into a new rhythm, a new routine, in those 14 months, my response would be laugh and gesture broadly towards my surroundings.

In the kingdom, the rhythm to every day is different.  Sometimes the rhythm of the morning is different from the afternoon.  Sometimes it changes suddenly.  Sometimes it changes so subtly that you don’t even notice until something goes wrong and you realize the song changed to a waltz and the cha-cha steps you were doing no longer make sense.  Not sure why I threw in a dance metaphor there.  It works though.  This has all been like a dance.

Some days are salsa: fast tempo, fun, quick steps.  Some days are waltz: slow, beautiful, smooth.  Some are the “high school hang:” I have no idea what I’m doing but gosh darn it I’m going to get out there and be seen anyway.

Not sure where I was headed when I started writing, but here we are.  Songs over, another is about to start.  I wonder what will come on next.  A swing?  Hustle?  Whatever it is, I’ll pick up the rhythm as best I can.

And you?  How has time felt for you during these 14 months?

7 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. I’m laughing my head off (with you and hysterically), as this is not only far far too familiar, but damn if I wasn’t just saying this to someone else.

    Also: HOW HAS IT BEEN 14 MONTHS ALREADY? Like, seriously, when did that happen?

  2. Time has been weird for me for the past few years since we had to uproot our lives and move across the country. We then lived with various family, finally settling at my parent’s house for the longest amount of time. It felt like we would never live alone again and I had lost hope… and then the pandemic hit and time got even more weird and I was even more sure that we were forever trapped living with family.

    Until somehow, magically, during the middle of a pandemic we managed to buy a condo in September of 2020. This did not help the flow of time, but at some point I realized that time and I have always had an odd relationship and I’m just going to go with it as well as I can.

    My husband has been an considered an essential worker for the entirety of the pandemic, so he was had to physically go into work everyday, except for a brief period where he was exposed to Covid and we had to quarantine until he got his negative results back. Moving to our condo has meant a much longer commute for him, which also doesn’t help with how time works.

    Like I said earlier, time and I have always had an odd relationship. I can never truly grasp time. Everyone else losing their grasp on time as well as been an interesting and confusing experience.

    • Quite the adventure for sure… Both our relationship with time and how we process it. I hope you are loving your condo! I’ve been enjoying the snippets you post about it.

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