Public Service Announcement from the Taco Party

Taco Party PSA
For immediate release
Please distribute through all normal channels

33 Grams of Blog

We here at the Taco Party have already told you about how tacos are the answer to every political quandary there is. Minimum wage debate answer? Tacos. Stimulus debate answer? Tacos. Environmental issues? Tacos.

What you may not know is that tacos are also the cure for a number of health and mood problems. We have come up with a list of the health problems that can be cured by tacos so that you can all benefit from their healing effects.


  • Hunger
  • Bad Mood
  • Sadness
  • Constipation (if the tacos are purchased at Taco Bell)
  • Being Hangry
  • and many more!!

Also, for those of you out there searching for the meaning of life, I have the answer for you. It’s tacos.

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13 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement from the Taco Party

  1. omg if purchased at Taco Bell had me in stitches. Those were the days. I no longer eat Tacos from Taco Bell, but I agree Tacos could be the answer to so many woes. LOL

  2. If tacos is the cure, I need a triple order. This week the computer is the devil and deadlined things can’t be done with crashed websites, waited for half an hour to get through on phone after getting locked out of another site and finally got the temp. password only to have that site also down. Now the temp code is expired so back to square one. So I have accomplished nothing except determine that I will be going to pick up TACOS for supper. Thanks for letting me know what to do.

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