Join the Taco Party!!!

We are looking for like minded individuals to join our party…

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This past presidential election has left people paying far more attention to politics than they normally would. If you’re anything like me, however, the election did nothing to put your mind at ease about the direction our country is going in. Perhaps that’s because the two political parties that we have do nothing except bark back and forth at each other and accomplish nothing.

Because of this, my writing partner Matticus and I have decided to create our own political party, the Taco Party. Our official party position is simple: Tacos are the solution to every problem and, if a problem ever comes along that tacos don’t fix, at least you still have tacos.

So, if you feel the same, join Matticus and I in the Taco Party!

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18 thoughts on “Join the Taco Party!!!

  1. I’m in! I too, and not really happy with either of the parties that control our politics. It’s always a game of choosing the lessor of evils depending on what you deem most important. I really hope they can make some progress with rank choice voting, that would ensure that other parties actually stand a chance. Until then, Taco party it is! Love

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