And then there were three

Dear Littlest Prince,

I believe you may be a surprise, certainly not to yourself – that will come later – but to some of my readers, to some of even the most faithful of the kingdomites. We didn’t plan on keeping you a secret and we didn’t mean for it to come to this, where you are here and there are still several people near and dear to us that likely didn’t even know you were coming, and yet here you are, here we all are. This year has been a strange one. Your arrival is most definitely one of the bright spots.

Your brothers, the Little Prince and the Littler Prince, already adore you and, of course, already want to know when you will be able to play. They stayed up late to see you, to say hello to you, literal seconds after you were born. The Little Prince helped cut the umbilical cord. They both made toys for you, each hoping you might grab on to the one they made first. They have helped pick out some of the outfits for your first days. They have watched and asked questions and been present in those days. Yes, they already adore you.

Oh, the magical years you have ahead of you. Three brothers, with worlds to conquer for and against each other. Three brothers with mischief to make and wrongs to right. Three brothers in a family that embraces adventure.

The Queen and I, the humble Jester, promised adventure in our vows to each other, and we have promised it to each of our sons in turn. The adventures won’t always be fun. The adventures won’t always be the ones you want to have. That isn’t the point. That isn’t what the promise is about.

You will see amazing things. You will travel. You will discover. You will learn and love and lose and live. Music will be a part of it. The mountains will be a part of it. The ocean will be a part of it. And you will help us find new paths to walk. We will walk them together, the five of us. For no matter what the adventures bring, we will see them through as a family. That is part of the promise as well.

So, my dear Littlest Prince, welcome to the family. You are loved more than this writer could attempt to capture with mere words. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, and the day after that, and the day after that…


Daddy – Matticus – The Jester

33 thoughts on “And then there were three

  1. What!!!! Oy, congratulations! That’s the best news in ages! Been missing you, Matticus, but now I’m just so bloody happy for your expanded family. Give the Littlest Jester my regards!

    • The littlest prince pooped in his diaper when I gave him your regards… He does that only for the very best of people. You should feel honored. Me, I’m mostly tired but riding this amazing high at the same time. Nothing like the magic and mystery and adventure of a newborn.

      • We got there second out of diapers so quickly I’d forgotten how much time it takes out of a day to change and change and change. Kind of funny the things that seem so time consuming and constant in the moment and then are left in the past as the insignificant things they truly were. Life is funny.
        Four!!! That’s awesome. I don’t think we’ll get there. But maybe. It hasn’t been ruled out yet.

  2. Congratulations to all! This was lump in throat making for me as I await the birth of grandchild number four on Oct 5th. A girl, “Hanu” will grace this boy filled family. 😊 Happy for you and your adventurous bunch!

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