shameless self promotion 3

As mentioned last week, The Erratic Sun has a sequel… and this is it.  And it is every bit worth the read as well.  TES was Revis and I figuring out how to tell a story together and The Information Broker is Revis and I at our finest.  It’s a big book.  It’s a big story.  Haven’t read it yet?  Go!  Go now!

Captain Terry Dadam and the crew of the Erratic Sun returned to their home planet of Spiron after surviving the largest manhunt the galaxy had ever seen. Scarred from the harrowing ordeal, they hoped to reclaim some semblance of their previous lives. They soon realized that the eyes of the powerful were still watching them and going back to the way things had been was impossible.When Joules, the foremost information broker in the galaxy, reaches out to them for help, they are presented with a dangerous opportunity. If they agree to help Joules, he will get them back their lives. In the process they run the risk of facing the very people they have tried to avoid. Dadam and his crew must race from planet to planet to stay ahead of everything coming their way and, along the way, they discover that the cost of doing business with Joules may be more than they are able to pay.

You can buy it here.

And then leave a review.  Because, you know, indy writers don’t have the huge financial backing of major publishing companies to buy reviews for their authors.  We have to beg and bribe and blackmail… and, wait, what were we talking about?

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