lines from songs writing prompt 2

Below I’m posting a bit from a song I love and then I’ll write something around it (not necessarily in the context from the original source but maybe).  If the line grabs you, please steal it and play along too.  Post a link in the comments so I can check out what you did with it as well.


“The silent night is shattered by the sounds inside my mind.”


She knew she was getting sicker.  Every day the volume of her life seemed a little higher and little more out of control.  She found herself seeking ways to mitigate the sound.

First she gave up listening to the radio in the car.  That allowed her to fight her way, with clenched teeth and hands at times, through the long hours of work before she once again could seek refuge in the car on the way home.  Then she convinced her boss that she needed to work from home to take care of her aging parents who, in truth, had died several years before.  Then she had begun to wrap everything in cloth because even the sound of clean pates being stacked together in the cupboard could bring her to tears.

No television.  No phone.  No social engagements.  No sound at all.  She even stopped talking to herself as she went about her daily chores.  Then she had to start seeping with ear plugs in because the sound of her breath rustling the sheets was like nails on a chalkboard.

Throughout this escalation she had known she was sick and getting sicker, she hadn’t wanted to admit it though.  And then it escalated so quickly at the end that she was too afraid to ask for help.  But then, she realized she had to seek help because her final refuge had been stolen from her.  She could her own thoughts.  They rang out like crashing bells on a clear morning, setting her teeth to chattering and jostling every last nerve.

She couldn’t handle a phone call so she sat down and began to slowly and carefully, mitigating the sounds of the keys clicking, type out an email to her doctor.

“I need help.  It is as though the sound of the world has all been aimed at me.  Everything slams against me louder and louder.  As i sit here and write this, the silent night is shattered by the sounds inside my mind.”

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