shameless self promotion 2

This was my first published writing adventure with Revis… and it was quite an enjoyable ride if you ask me.  Haven’t read it yet?  Well, you should… and then when you do and you enjoy it you’ll be happy to learn there is already a published sequel you can pick up too (and a third book written and in editing).

Most of the galaxy has been pulled into the war raging between the Gretarians and the Lorians.  The remaining holdouts are under pressure to join a side, including Captain Terry Dadam and his ship, the Erratic Sun.  To keep his crew safe and his ship neutral, Dadam navigates a difficult balance of delivery work.

When a job goes awry, matters escalate quickly and the crew is dragged into the fray against their will.  Dadam soon understands that there is far more to the war than meets the eye but every move the Sun makes only seems to drag them deeper into the criminal underworld of the galaxy and farther from the possibility they will come through the dark forces unscathed.

Click here to buy it!

And then, leave a review after you have read it.  Every review for an indy writer is like waking up on their birthday to a giant pile of presents.

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