the reason

They say to never walk alone at night and he was the reason why.

For as long as he could remember, the urges had always been there.  When he was younger he was too weak, too scared, too dumb to figure out how to act upon them.  As he grew older, stronger, and smarter, he figured out how to use the system of laws and regulations to his advantage, to hide within plain sight so he could then act upon his instincts without getting caught.  And once he had started, it wasn’t fear of punishment that guided his hand and ensured he followed his own, strict, code to get away cleanly each time.  It was the knowledge that if he were caught, he would never be able to act on his urges again.  That would surely kill him.

Not that he had always been so methodical and meticulous.  His first had been clumsy despite how well he had planned and prepared.  But, he had gotten away with it and over the years that followed he grew calmer, more confident and improved his technics until he was flawless.  As perfect as a human ever could be.  Despite the monster he was, he was still human.  His tastes just ran slightly askew of what society deemed acceptable.

He relished the feel of the night, the adrenaline of the hunt.  He liked to watch their eyes go wide with fear and surprise.  He enjoyed the power he could wield in the shadows, stifling screams with ease, taking what he wanted.  He didn’t run away from his crimes like a coward once he was finished.  He savored the moments and when he was done he walked away calmly, fulfilled.  And then he slipped back into the cloak he had learned to wear over the years, his shield against prying eyes and ears, his beloved darkness, to wait patiently for more prey to venture his way.

They say to never walk alone at night and he was the reason why.


6 thoughts on “the reason

  1. Ugh… I hit the like button because the writing is good, but the problem is that it’s TOO good. I hate putting my head in those places as a writer — I think it’s why most times my killers are just senseless or supernatural. The kind of human monster you describe is the scariest of all, to me.

      • Just be careful what you dabble in; the lines you cross. I am always leery of sexual violence, not only because it’s a horrible headspace to put yourself into, but because, by its very nature, it’s misogyny at it’s purest, most awful conclusion. And I never want that to be acceptable as “horror” in itself. You read that horrible Jessica scene I sent you — that made my skin crawl writing that. Keep it up, man, just, you know, hug your wife.

      • I always hug my wife.
        It’s interesting to me how the current climate shapes how we read things. Rereading what I wrote I can see how sexual violence could be inferred or guessed at but that’s not how I wrote it. I was thinking more of a vampire kind of thing or just a hunter of that sort…

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