Made it!

We made it to the end.  A whole month of blogging daily.  Good job.  Good job, indeed.  Yes, this is another filler post.  But, as I promised and fulfilled with the previous two, I shall here as well.  What was your favorite post this month?  (Not of mine!!)  From around the blogosphere or something you wrote that you are really happy with, proud of – leave the link in the comments and I will click through and read it.


11 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. Couldn’t pick a favourite with a gun to my head bro… especially not from my own ones, didn’t really think any of them were pathetically stand out this month. They flowed together pretty well but on a case by case basis, meh. As far as the rest of the people I’ve been reading, it’s too much to process I know I’ll forget something I loved and change my mind later.


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