Over time I have come realize that there are different degrees of exhausted from the still functioning, power through, doing okay to the zombie status where it is amazing I can keep my feet.  In between those extremes, the various levels are determined by the number of cups of coffee needed to make me feel functional, by how hungry I am (because my brain constantly confuses hungry and tired), and by how dry I feel from my eyes to my hands.  It is not a fun scale or comparison.

Today I am sinking, struggling to stay afloat just above zombie status.  My mind feels sharp only in short bursts.  My eyes feel like they might crack with each blink and my hands, as they type this out, are paper thin.  I can’t stop eating.  I feel insatiably hungry.  And coffee isn’t doing anything to curb my appetite or lift me up.

So it goes in the Kingdom these days.  Going to bed early doesn’t always mean a good night.  Staying up late doesn’t always mean a bad next day.  It’s the chaos of little children and pets and a castle and all the other little details that all play their role.  I know I’m not alone in this.

I can’t see it in the faces around me, hear it in their words and read it across the blogosphere.  We are all tired.  So, to that end, I say pour another cuppa and hope for better days ahead.

13 thoughts on “tired

  1. I’m just as tired on days I get no sleep as I am days I get a lot of sleep. It never ends. I feed the fatigue coffee and Spark and exercise, but it comes right back after a bit. Keep on swimming…or something.

  2. Someone told us that “One is a hobby; two is a job.”

    We laughed.

    I feel you, Matticus. Know that it gets easier (dealing with the exhaustion), and sometimes you’ll get to sleep in.


    Also, Springsteen at loud levels helps.

  3. I think I have been tired most of my life. LOL I remember well those days, and wonder still how we got through them. Back when our boys were younger and still in school we worked odd hours and getting the same time off was a miracle. One day we managed to get a day off together. We stayed up late partying the night before anticipating sleeping in and what fun the next day would bring after dropping our boys at school. But then we felt guilty…and thought we should do something with them being that we had the time…there would be more time for us later after all. So in our clear and present minds after staying up till 5am we decided we would do something. So on 3 hours of sleep….(what were we thinking) we got the boys up under the guise to taking them to school and instead drove them to Magic Mountain. It was a very fun and exhausting day. By 5pm I was sitting in the kids foam ball area and falling asleep. I would wake every time someone on the upper level would shoot me in the face with a foam ball and laugh their ass off. I was so exhausted I didn’t even care. My wife laughed her ass off too. At Dennys before the trip home I fell asleep again in my food. My wife could barely stay awake for the drive home. LOL But our boys recall with great fondness how we kept them out of school that day and surprised them, so it was all worth it. Hang in there…..you got this!

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