The shadow caught my eyes as it flashed across the ground. I jerked my head up to find the source only to spot a leaf floating down from the branches above. The two seemed at impossible odds. How could the shadow move so fast compared to the dancing leaf? Perhaps it was just one more of those truths that science could attempt to explain but I would prefer to remain a magical mystery… So, I watched the leaf as it twisted and paused, dropped and spiraled, until it came to a soft landing on the grass at my feet. The first of many I witnessed that day where the shadow sped across my vision while the leaf waltzed with the breeze.

10 thoughts on “shadow

  1. I think somethings are moremagical when explained because they have impact elsewhere for example the leaf and shadow are the same but from differing perspectives much like how the world moves fast for one man and slow for another. I find that beautiful.


  2. The shadow sounds like it has places to be and people to see, whereas your leaf is chilling to the max and letting his shadow do all the work. Magic perhaps but also possibly clever delegation of work on the leaf’s part 🙂

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