I Miss You Already

Crying and shedding tears.

I miss you and you haven’t even left.

But you will.

We’ve shared secrets.

I will never tell. Your secrets travel with me to the grave.

I hope mine enjoy the same journey.

We will not share anymore. I want you to know.

I miss you already.

You haven’t even left and I miss you.

7 thoughts on “I Miss You Already

    • This was written to someone whom I had to trust. We were opposite but very similar. We were different in that I respected her secrets, but she told mine. I always kept my lips closed to her after that. She accused me of leaving after taking another job. Three weeks later she died. My secrets went with her to the grave only because she could no longer tell them.

      For the two people who repeated them back, I now say “hearsay”. It has turned into a dull ache.

      • 1J1, I am so sorry for this. So many twists and turns in our relationships with others. When trust is broken, it’s not “just” about our secrets, it’s about that bond that cannot be repaired to how it was. I know people can work on trust issues, but once trust is snapped, it cannot ever be the same.

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