*cough cough*

So… it’s been a while since I’ve been here with any sort of regularity.  I guess I should get a broom out and take care of some cobwebs (safely transporting the spiders outside first, of course) and maybe do some dusting.

Ugh.  Dusting.  Really?  It’s the worst.

You might be seeing a bit more of me this year…  I don’t want to promise and than not deliver, hence the “might,” but I should have a lot of good news to share throughout the year.

And that starts now.

This is a picture of fireworks, which has nothing to do with this post but fireworks!

Revis, Arden, Ethan and I have a book coming out soon… very soon…  Tuesday of next week or so…  Yes, I’m just teasing you for now, no specifics, no details, just an anthology of fantasy stories related to a world you may or may not be familiar with already.

So, there’s that bit of awesome…

What?  You want more?

Okay, okay… here’s some words for you:

New book!  New book!  New book!!

What?!  Not the words you were hoping for?  Be patient my faithful kingdomites, and you shall be rewarded…  A cover reveal?  Some tantalizing quotes from the various stories?  An author interview?  Okay, maybe not that one, but we shall see.  Indeed, we shall see!

10 thoughts on “*cough cough*

  1. So this is totally random and not about the book (congrats, though!) but I was very moved years ago by a post you wrote about a blogger named Rawrosaur, or something like that. She was injustly imprisoned? I think? Has there been any update on her fate? She randomly jumped to my mind recently.

    • https://rarasaur.com/ – Rara… Or, Ra as she is going by these days, has had quite the journey. You will get a fuller understanding of it all if you head over to her blog and read, read, read… but, the short version – she went to jail, her husband died while she was in jail, she got out of jail, and now she’s figuring out life again but, as she would say, chances are she still loves you because, as I would say, that’s how she rolls.

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