the lighthouse

The lighthouse at Byron Bay sits atop Cape Byron

She stood on the outcropping,
A sentinel towering above the rocks and foam,
Weathering the worst of storms and darkest nights,
Shining her brilliant light, her message of love and safety, for all to see.

But she did her job too well,
And her light guided everyone away from her,
To where they needed to be, yes, but away all the same,
Until she’d been alone for so long she began to doubt her worth, her purpose.

She pondered her isolation,
And considered turning off her light,
Not to sow chaos or cause harm, or for attention,
Because she no longer thought she was needed to protect the sea.

She stood on her outcropping,
And dimmed her lights, little by little,
Until the shore was left unprotected in the night,
With ship after ship crashing and smashing into the unseen dangers.

She watched from the precipice,
While the carnage unfolded below her,
And she tried to re-spark her light and shine again,
Only to realize it was never hers and turning it on was beyond her control.

She called out from the darkness,
Hoping to gather those who light fires,
And she waited patiently for them to climb her tower,
But who would answer her call in the worst of storms and darkest nights?

21 thoughts on “the lighthouse

  1. This is beautiful. I remember telling capt that I was his lighthouse and he needed to steer toward me in his dark and stormy nights he was experiencing but he chose to run the opposite way…so this was very timely. If it would make any difference, I’d send this to him to read, but he’s beyond help now.

  2. I’ve got more for you in a more private setting – but – is my dino okay? She still knows I love her, right? I haven’t been as in-touch w/ everything going on in the internet world lately & by the time I got to my dino – it was too late. She said she was taking a breather & I wanted to give her some space. Silly me I shoulda known that meant hug her tighter. All my rambling aside, this is beautiful. ❤ & I love lighthouses.

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