on being four 

Dear Little Prince,

How much longer will I be able to call you that?  Little…  It hardly seems to fit anymore.  You aren’t even in toddler size shoes anymore.  You don’t tie your own laces yet, but your shoes have laces too.  And that’s just talking about your feet.

Two eye appointments ago you read the chart using numbers, which was amazing in itself.  Then, at your last appointment you read the chart using letters.  Your mom and I were so very proud of you.  Not only did you know your letters but you were confident enough to suggest using them instead of the numbers.  You said, “I can do this,” and you did.

It’s been a year of moments like that.  You would decide it was time to take on a new responsibility or challenge and then you would do it.  The most recent of those was taking the training wheels off your bike.  They were slowing you down.  You weren’t even four yet.  The almost six year old two doors down still has training wheels on his bike.

In other words, you are exceptional.  That’s not surprising, given your parents.

You are stubborn and strong-willed, too, of course.  You are infuriating at times.  You know how to press my buttons and seem to take pleasure in doing so as well.  None of that is surprising either, again, given your parents.  Plus, your stubbornness and confidence will serve you well later.  There’s no challenge you will shy away from.  There is no obstacle that will stand in your way for long.  There is no limit to your potential.

I can tell all this about you already and you are still only four. 

What will the next year hold for you?  It’s a mystery I’m excited to watch you solve.

Love you,

Daddy / Matticus / The Jester


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