plant by the window


They don’t look like snakes, do they?  That’s what it’s called, though: snake plant.  Supposedly they are good at releasing a lot of oxygen and that extra O2 promotes sleep.  So, there’s now one of these plants in the bedroom because sleep is such a powerful need that it trumps everything, including the fear of anything related to snakes.

Hey!  Sleep and snake are both five letter words!  Coincidence?  Yes, definitely.


I snapped this picture as a joke, and then ended up liking it so thought I’d share it here.  What do you think?  Would you bring these snakes into your house?  Do you have any other tricks or trips you’ve found work to promote sleep?

Also, want to take bets on how long before I dream about snakes after writing this?


28 thoughts on “plant by the window

  1. That seems to contradict the claim I’ve always heard that casinos pump extra oxygen into their gaming areas to help keep people from getting tired and wanting to go home. I wouldn’t mind a plant that puts out pure O2, it’s better than what my personal emissions are….

  2. I like those plants. The problem with having it in my room though is CATS. Cats like to nibble on plants and sadly many plants are poisonous to them, and even were that not the case, one of our cats cannot eat anything and I do mean anything other than her kibble without getting the runs. Long haired cats and runs are a bad combo. Just sayin. LOL Cool plant, and any plant that promotes sleep is a good plant. 🙂

  3. Sooo…I hate to be the pooper on this parade (she says as she marches forth to do it, anyway), but isn’t it a Feng Shui no-no to put plants in a bedroom because they inhibit sleep? They’re great for the living room, though. They suck the VOC’s from your flooring and paint out of the air and recycle it as oxygen. Can’t go wrong, there!

    • Interesting. The study I read specifically said to put them in the bedroom… I doubt it considered feng shui… though, I should make sure it’s in the money corner, at least, right? Or is not green in the money corner? I forget now.

      • Plants are great in the money corner of the main house. Don’t let it dry up, though. Practitioners believe if the plant dries up and dies, so will your money stream. On a more practical note, soil can have a strong odor you might not notice in an active living space, but can become very apparent when you’re falling asleep in a confined room. If you feel like you’re getting itchy or sneezy or headachy (or any of the other dwarves), move that sucker out.

  4. I dunno if it’s the case for snake plants, but pond plants replenish the oxygen in the day when they photosynthesise and then suck it all up and deplete it at night when they breathe oxygen like people do! WEIRD!

    Did you sleep yet? And have you got a rocking chair. They help.

      • LOL Oh dear! I used to love rocking in a chair with a tiny baby snuggled up on my lap…I often nearly fell asleep, and wasn’t meant to, as I was at work!

      • I’d love to offer my services. It was one of my favourite parts of the job. Sadly the rest of the job was (on the whole) super stressful.

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