a new story…

I never just stare at a blank page.

I don’t start to write unless I have something to write about.  A picture.  A line.  A thought.  But, that can be problematic because the need to write is often so pervasive that it distracts me from other things.  So, then I sit down with whatever snippet of an idea, or even less than that on occasion, has been paramount in my thoughts and I plunk at the keys to see what comes of it.

Rubbish usually follows, of course.

And I will then delete what I wrote and move on with my day.  On the rare instance that I like what I wrote, I’ll still end up reworking it because the original idea wasn’t related at all to the result.  However that “reworking” process evolves, at some point I will look at the words and tell myself the following:

Write something worthwhile

Write something provocative

Write something memorable

Write something funny


Just write

I want to be good at the first.  I aspire to the second.  I would love to do the third.  I feel like I used to do the fourth sometimes.  These days, however, I just need to write.  Whatever the words end up being, if I write enough of them maybe I’ll find my way back to something that actually means something to somebody, myself included.

That day is not today.  For now I’m in search of inspiration and I would enjoy some help along that path.  I seem to do better at writing projects that involve other people at the moment.  Somehow that keeps me focused in better and able to actually see it all through to some sort of conclusion.  So, in that vein, how about joining me for a game?

The rules are simple.  Create a character and I’ll use all the characters to write a story.  So, I’ll create a character.  You all create characters too.  Either send them to me directly or post about them and link back to here.  Then I’ll write a story that somehow incorporates all of the characters.  I’m not promising it will be more than a short story, or more than a blog post for that matter.  I’m not promising it will be worthwhile or provocative or memorable or even funny.  But, I will write something.

How does that sound?

Good, I’m glad you like the idea too.  I’ll start…

Here’s my character:  We begin with a girl.  Because there’s always a girl.  This one is named Heather.  She has hair that beams golden in sunlight as it cascades below her shoulders.  Her eyes, hazel, crinkle at the edges when she smiles and her laugh is far more playful than she ever intends it to be.  She lives in a small apartment overlooking the beach, though she never actually bothers to gaze out towards the breakers or walk along the edge to let the waves lap at her toes anymore.  She doesn’t even hear the crashing booms of the waves echoing on the otherwise silent nights except on those nights when she needs sleep the most and the noise agitates her rather than sends her to sleep.  She spends her days at an office an hour commute away, where she does work she enjoys but is always left exhausted and feeling like she’s missing something by the end of the week.  She loves movies and books nearly equally, in all genres and styles.  She cries when she’s happy and when she’s sad.  And, she knows she will always be single, but isn’t sure why that it is.  There is some part of her, something buried or forgotten, that she doesn’t fully understand.

And, that is your introduction to Heather.  So, who else is going to go into this story?  Let me know so I can get started on it!

33 thoughts on “a new story…

      • OK, I do’t know how detailed you want these characters, but I’ve gone pretty deep here. Obviously feel free to ignore stuff it if it’s impractical.

        His name is Morley. He is naturally athletic, stylish, with classic good looks. Dark hair, stubble, broad beaming smile, sparkling eyes, almost film-star looks. Totally at ease with himself and his image.

        He is cheerfully optimistic and doesn’t worry about what he can’t see of affect. The abstract does not interest him. He takes things literally. There is no introspection or search for deep meaning. He improvises, is good with an audience and does his best to be the centre of attention. He lights up a room, there is always a sense that something ‘delicious’ is about to happen when he is around. 

        Do anything to him, steal his wallet, beat him up, but don’t bore him.
        He longs to make a mark. He falls in love easily and always as if for the first time, he wants to please everyone.


        he is terrified that he shares his brother’s gene, is petrified of falling into depression, so refuses to look back, think too deeply and lives in the now, surrounded by people who love his personality. The perfect party guest, but also someone who can be ditched at the end of the night when they get a bit too much.

  1. I’ve been lacking motivation to work on my solo stuff as well. Granted, I’ve done the Ghoul story, but as far as working on my solo novel, I’ve only added 700 words to it in the past month. Hell, I almost did that much just last night on our thing.

  2. This is an awesome idea, and I’m pleased you’re powering through, even to write for writing’s sake with no particular point is an achievement, I promise!

  3. I’d like to introduce a character: a goofy yellow lab who loves to fetch balls, is completely loyal to his master (to be determined by you), but will befriend anyone who offers to throw him a stick or ball. He is a rescue dog who had a horrible beginning at a puppy mill and his first owners kept him locked in a small kennel and never let him out to run and play, so is terrified of enclosed spaces, and things can go awry when you corner him like that. I’m not really going anywhere with that, but I do love the elements of a pet in a story, no matter how large or small the character. 🙂

  4. This is very intriguing. Well, here is a quick character that just introduced herself to me.
    There is an old woman, her name is Marie. She grew up on a ranch back when being a girl or a boy made no difference, everyone worked hard. She rode horses, she branded calves, she repaired tractors and old trucks. When WWII broke out she migrated to a factory town where she learned to build jets. After the war she moved back to the ranch life. She met a young man in the small town close to her family’s home (although it was twenty miles away). They courted, rather heavily, and she became pregnant and the young man left. Her family did not abandon her to the fates and she raised her son in the fresh air and hard work that she had always known. But it wasn’t a life he wanted and when he graduated high school he went off to the city to go to college. Now she is alone, still living on the ranch but there are no more cattle, no more horses. She does still keep a garden. She never sees her son except for the occasional holiday.

      • okay, I offer you a character from my book. His name is Slo. He’s a stoner. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and while he appears not to pay attention or to care, he is actually very smart. Out of the blue he spouts profound wisdom, but the rest of the time he spends enjoying life. He’s managed to get buy doing very little while taking advantage of the kindness of others. He has long blond thick wavy curls just past his shoulders. He’s a surfer, and a lover of nature, and he’s handsome. The girls are crazy for him, and he’s a great lover. Oh, and he’s funny. Hard to be mad at someone who’s funny. giggles. So there ya go then. 🙂

  5. His name is Dex. He knew Heather before her hair was blonde and when her laugh was more nervous than playful. They were never really friends, but he knew everything about her – her favorite perfume, her choice in music and books, her favorite foods and he knew about her small tattoo that not many people got to see. He bounced from job to job, never really was a career kinda guy and always imagined himself as a drifter.

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