Dream A Dream – The Train

The train crept into the station. The purpose was to transport a body for identification. My family was waiting on deck and I was voluntold to identify the body. They gave me a picture. They knew the person but didn’t want to board the train. I called them cowards. In defiance, my youngest nephew who knew the meaning of the word, insisted on boarding the train with me. My family gasped in horror. They all agreed to board.

The conductor was menacing but I saw the wink he gave my nephew. I identified the body based on the picture that my family provided. We stepped back into the vestibule but I noticed that my family was gone. The conductor grabbed my arm and told my nephew to exit the train. The doors slammed shut. I begged the conductor to let me off, too. He obliged, but I had to crawl through a window. As my feet touched the ground, I saw my nephew hop back onto the train.

As the doors were closing, the conductor told me to enjoy the poison in the air.

My family waved goodbye from the train. My hands and lungs started to blister.

I wake up in a cold sweat.


11 thoughts on “Dream A Dream – The Train

    • Somehow, I like the nightmares better because they stick with you – well I don’t like them better in the moment, but with the passage of time. I still remember this set of dreams that I had over a couple of months during the time when I was first moving away from my parents. They all ended with me getting shot or stabbed, but I would take them as precursors to some transformation. Funny thing that all my nightmares happen when I’m sleeping on my back. Sometimes I would feel robbers’ faces right next to my face talking about me and not sure if they were ghosts or whatever, and I’d be struggling to wake up… haven’t had that one for awhile though. Yours was pretty wild. You could make it into a pretty cool novel.

      • Ugh, somehow my response to DJ wound up in your queue. I’ve had episodes where I’ve slept on my back and have heard people in my place. I couldn’t open my eyes or move. I think it’s sleep paralysis. It used to happen quite often. I try to sleep on my side because of it. Your dreams sound terrifying but I agree that they may guide us. Thank you for your insight.

      • I haven’t slept long enough or well enough the last couple nights to have dreams, bad or good. The kingdom is a mess of fussy children and trouble making kitties. So, I’d totally take the bizarre staircase at this point.

  1. I wrote a post last year called “Dream Warrior ” about my lucid dreaming. No ping back, just thought I’d mention it because your post gave me the same willies as my own dreams.

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