Another entry from the Santa Barbara Chalk Art Festival a couple years ago, or maybe last year, I don’t really remember.  Life in the toddlerocracy can be a blur at times…  Anyway, this one called out to me while we were walking around admiring the art.  If you’ve followed any of my camping and backpacking adventures, you know that I’m a sucker for reflective water.  I really like the way that is captured in this work.  The muted tones.  The movement of the water.  The streaks of light.  I find it beautiful.

I’m by no means a beach bum.  My heart belongs to the mountains.  But, there is something romantic and magical about the ocean and cities by the sea.  It is likely high on the list of reasons why I’ve never left the coast to live elsewhere.  Yet.  One day I will.  When that day comes I am glad to know that I will have art like this to remind me of the beauty I have been able to witness firsthand.

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