rio mortal


The water is cold, born from melting snow, and swift as it churns down the canyon.  It seems to invite you over as it calls from across the campground, “Come on over, come on in, it’s so hot out today, just chill your feet in my cool waters for a bit and you won’t regret it.”

It only knows partial truths, though.  Yes, it is a hot day and, yes, the water would most definitely take the edge off that heat.  However, the rest of the truth that goes unsaid, is that one wrong step and the current would rip your legs away and then it would be a toss up what got you first: the rocks or the freezing water.

You know the full truth, yet you enter the water anyway, because the day is hot and because you’ve survived that same choice countless times before.  Mostly, though, it was the heat thing.  You always forget how hot it can get while camping away from the niceties of home, like ceiling fans and air conditioning.


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