zoom zoom


The sound of tiny motors and squealing tires fills the room. It is painful at first but fades to the background the longer you are there.  The screams of excitement always stay in the foreground. Here there is noise happening.

There’s a buzz, an energy, that bounces away from smiling faces to tickle your senses and feed your pumping adrenaline.  The races last longer than you think as you whirl around the track again and again.  The high lasts even longer.  Here there is happiness happening.

Leader-boards flash scores.  The arcade games in the corner do the same.  The banks of lights overhead spiral out of spinning tires and set the bright red paint to gleaming.  Everywhere you look something is shining out for your attention.  Here there is distraction happening.

Friends reunite for an afternoon of fun.  Families gather to watch the little ones release their gobs of infinite energy.  Even lovers find their way to the track to test their wits, and mettle and skills against each other.  Here there is connection happening.

Race after race and the hours pass quickly.  Who knew so much fun could be packed into such a small car?  Here there is zoom zoom happening.


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