three rivers


There isn’t really a theme, per say, to the pictures I’m sharing this month or the stories I’m providing with them, but I think it would be fair to say that I’m fascinated with water.  I think part of it is from growing up in the desert and only getting to spend a week or two around anything that was a substantial amount of water: camping, visiting grandparents near the coast, etc…

But, even then, the ocean is so big it is hard to fully comprehend it or see it in the same category as land based water features like lakes and rivers.  And, while I love the Kings River, it isn’t all that big compared to what the rest of the country, and world, would consider a river.

So, when I find myself confronted with actual rivers, I am captivated by them.  I travel a lot so I find myself captivated a lot.  I’m not complaining, just explaining in a drawn out rambling sort of way why you are looking at picture of one river becoming two, in a place called Three Rivers.



4 thoughts on “three rivers

  1. The sea, the sea, is the place for me

    I’d take a river or a lake at a pinch. TOTALLY get the fascination with water. And…have you ever seen pictures of where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon? Utterly fascinating.

  2. I drive across the Ohio River twice a day. I still find myself gazing out the side window into its polluted water on most days. It may be dirty, but when the sunlight is reflecting off that water, it sure is pretty.

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