The Mountains


They never stop calling me.  The mountains.

I hear their song always.  I can hear their rushing waters in my commute to work, the cars rushing down the blacktop.  I can hear their deafening silence at night when the Little Prince finally falls asleep.  I can hear the whispering of their tall pine trees in the swaying palm fronds brought to life by the ocean breeze.  I can hear the lapping of the lakes at dusk in the sink while the daily dishes are washed, dried, and put away.  I can hear the stomp of my boots on the hard dirt trails in the way my work shoes echo down my alley in the early morning stillness when walking to my car.

I wake from my dreams with their song ranging in my heart.  I go through my day with it tickling my thoughts.  I go to my slumber with it gently caressing my soul, a lullaby to ease my transition.

The songs might torment others, who long to walk the wandering trails of the backcountry, to see what so few others will ever see.  While I do long to flee the city for the rare air of high elevations the barrage of invites, the constant pulling of adventures yet to be had, does not drive me to distraction or annoyance.

There is work to be done here, in the kingdom, in the day to day.  There are chores.  There are responsibilities.  There are moments to be lived of equal and often greater adventure.  I love the mountains.  I love the Queen and the Little Prince.  I love the life we have carved out for ourselves in the Kingdom.

Besides, I know they will be there, waiting for me when it is time to head into their dark canyons and climb their soaring peaks.  They will be there for me again and again as desired, as needed.  Because, they never stop calling me.  The mountains.


5 thoughts on “The Mountains

  1. That’s gorgeous ! I can’t say I’ve gone hiking all too many times before but reading those words and seeing thay picture , I am mighty jealous – the times I have gone , there’s nothing thay compares frankly from our city lives.

  2. I love love love mountains, I feel such an affinity with them. When I was a child I spent a year living in the French Alps with my mother and another family, and we were self-sufficient, with no electricity or plumbing or anything. So I always think that’s where my mountain affinity comes from!

  3. This is lovely, dear friend. I’m glad you are able to keep the mountains so close to your heart in the day-to-day, and even more glad that you’ve found such a place to give you these feelings!!

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