the true ruler


“Oh, I’m sorry,” she might have smirked at me, “was this your speaker?”

That possibility was remote, though, as she would never consider that anything belonged to anyone but her.  Nor was she likely to ever even acknowledge my presence. Notice how she pointedly looked away from me as I took her picture.

You didn’t actually think a Jester ruled the Matticus Kingdom, did you?  Despite a certain Little Prince’s best efforts, his sudden rise to power and our quick transition into a toddlerocracy, Belle has always been the true ruler.

That’s just the way it is around here.

Then again, based on all the cat videos on the internet, perhaps it is normal to be ruled by a cat?


14 thoughts on “the true ruler

  1. I do think that is probably true but due to severe cat allergies I can only speculate. But having a geriatric rescue dog (13 years) who decided to find her voice and bark at every leaf falling from the trees and a newcomer 2-year-ols hyperactive border collie mutt that can leap 6-foot fences in a single bound makes me wonder. Her new adventures involve jumping over the fence and “gifting” me with dead baby deer bones. After much confusion as to how dead fawn bones came into her possession, I’ve found a neighbor collects and displays dead deer bones in her garden. Who knew? I guess everyone is entitled to an odd collection.

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