a secret smile


Pictures are funny things, aren’t they?  They capture a single instant in such a way that we can see a lot about what was going on, perhaps even a thousand words worth, but they never tell the whole story.

The flight path for the Blue Angels comes right over the Kingdom when they are visiting the nearby navy base.  They are loud, but you can’t see that.  They fly gracefully and swiftly, but you can’t see that either.  You can imagine both those things when you see this picture because you’ve been around planes before and you know they are loud and fast.  But, without that prior knowledge, what would you see when you look at this picture?  Some planes hanging against a clear blue sky…

Also, what about the rest of the stories going on just outside the frame?  The Little Prince jumping for joy as the Angels went roaring overhead.  The jester snapping pictures hoping to get a couple that weren’t blurry.  The neighbors coming out of their houses to watch the show.  None of these facts are pertinent to the enjoyment of the photo, of course, but they do add a different dimension.

Can you see the little prince pointing and laughing?

I can.

And that makes me smile.


16 thoughts on “a secret smile

  1. I love your thoughts on this photo. I never take the time to really think about what’s going on. I just always assume the picture encapsulates everything and take it for granted. Thanks for reminding me that just like there’s always more to a story, the same is true for a photo.

  2. The Blue Angels practice for the Melbourne Air Show at the Melbourne/Orlando International Airport each year and we get a free show the entire time they practice right over our house. Luckily regular flights don’t usually go over our house but they practice off course so as not to give away tricks of the show. We don’t have to get in that mob of people on show day because we’ve already seen it. Great stuff!

  3. When I saw this picture yesterday (well in the morning for me) I had a distinctive taste in my mouth and knew that it was some seasonal food that I only had a couple of times in my life and one of the times was while in my front yard looking up at the blue angels. It was a memory from my childhood, and so I was wracking my brain over what seasonal foods that it could have been that I rarely ate at home. Artichoke? no the taste is different. Blackberry’s? not quite. Then I was talking to my mom on the phone today (hours later) – which I rarely do as we are mostly on-line – and all of a sudden I yelled RHUBARB! and she was like what? and then I said, is there something called Rhubarb that you only made for us a couple of times as children and she was like yeah and started laughing and then I told that I saw this picture on your blog and this taste of this food was just in my mouth and I couldn’t remember what it was. Now we have a date for 2019 when I’ll be in the US during the rhubarb season and she will make it for me again… some 30 years later. Cool how photos work.

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