You’ll see an uptick in posts here in the Kingdom in November as I have decided to join team Tiny Peppers and take part in the annual NanoPoblano festivities.


A post a day for the entire month?

Why not!  The Kingdom can handle it.  No problem.

I went through and found 30 pictures that I haven’t shared here before.  Depending on the day and which picture I’m inspired to post that day, you’ll be treated to either a bit of flash fiction that ties in with the photo or you might just luck out and get the real story behind it, why it is important to me, and why I decided to share it.  Or… you might just get a poem.  Because anything and everything is likely to happen here over the next 30 days.

So, sit back and enjoy the words.


11 thoughts on “November…

  1. I don’t know WHAT it says about me, but I read poem as porn..and had to do a double
    Is it ok to “borrow” pictures from your blog (with a back link of course) to help with writing a post?

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