Truth and Fiction


The Fiction:

The sun warmed my skin as I stalked the edge of the lake, looking for a likely spot for my prey to be hiding.  The various islands from which the lake got its name were good places to start, so I cast my line out close to one of them and slowly reeled in the fly, hoping it would catch the eye of a hungry fish.

The lake was calm, only the movement of my line betraying the stillness of the surface.  It seemed almost wrong to disturb such serenity even in the pursuit of my dinner.  I couldn’t let such sentiments get to me, though, for there are only so many fishable hours at high elevation and my stomach would severely object later were I to abandon my hunt for a meal.

Back and forth I flicked my rod, drying the barbed fly, in a rhythm that had become so much a part of me I could no longer remember when I had first learned it.  Then I let the line free and watched carefully as it sailed over the smooth water, only to reel in and repeat over, and over, and over.  There were fish in the lake, I knew it.  Birds of prey had plucked them out while camp was being set up.  They would not rise for me though.


The Truth:

I’d had a fever the night before, at least that is what I attributed the chills and body aches to, and hadn’t slept well at all.  Morning came too quickly and not quickly enough at the same time.  I helped break camp, shrugged off the questions of how I was doing and forged ahead… barely holding it together.  It was a short day, thankfully, only a couple miles and yet I still took a two hour nap after helping set up camp.  Then I rose to greet the late afternoon determined to enjoy the experience as much as I could.  I rigged my pole and traipsed around the lake, trying to coax some fish out from their hiding spots.  It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous lake, and I was far sicker than I’ve ever been in the backcountry before.


And now that they are both written, I can see that they are both truths, except for one line of fiction buried in the first story.  But, it’s a start.  Here I am, writing again…



28 thoughts on “Truth and Fiction

  1. So sorry to hear that you were ill. I had the norovirus on one of our camping trips over the Christmas holiday, and then Noelle got it too. It sucked pretty bad. To this day, and we have been on 3 camping trips and still cannot bring ourselves to cook on our grill. sighs… LOL

  2. I’m glad you’re writing. The Truth, even if it is truth, is more compelling than the fiction version here. It sounds right and immediate and draws me in completely. Feels like a real voice I’m listening to.

  3. Hope you are on the mend — good stuff this. I was expecting in the fiction that you landed a fish but you didn’t get it because of a stray hungry griffon or something 🙂

    This ‘back at writing’ business must be catching … found myself doing it yesterday and the words are calling me to continue massaging them today.

  4. I like your truth. I like your fiction. I’m not loving that you had to face the reality, and I hope you’re all better now 🙂 You made it all beautiful though ❤

  5. Glad to see you back! Camping while sick sucks, but so does shattering your finger on 2nd day of an 8-day vacay, I bucked up, got it splinted, fished and crabbed and we got 11 Dungeness crab. No salmon this time but hubby caught a 40-inch Chinook salmon two weeks prior there. I had surgery today for it, sigh… But I do love your imagery of both pieces. Hope you are ok now.

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