Just In Case…A Brief Shot At Fiction

I reserved a room for us, just in case. We talked about meeting but I never expected that it would happen. We planned the details and at the designated time, my shaking hand grabbed the door. My eyes scanned the restaurant and found the one who could only be you.

I nervously smiled and introduced myself. I prepared myself for a rejection. I steeled myself against the expected response, “Oh, you must have confused me with someone else.” Instead, your warm smile captured me and my sweaty palm took your hand. We talked for hours in captivating conversation. We were oblivious to the time that passed until the restaurant manager informed us that it was closing time.

Still a bit nervous, I told you that I reserved a room just in case this happened. I asked you to accompany me. My palm was no longer sweaty as I extended my hand.


17 thoughts on “Just In Case…A Brief Shot At Fiction

      • I close my eyes and tell myself to expect nothing. To write in no particular way and for no particular reason. Then I open them up and start typing, and just trust myself that something will come out. Sometimes it’s okay, sometimes gibberish, but either way it’s okay.

        Just close your eyes, Jaded. And then open them.

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