Sack Nasty

You’ve heard of it, right?  A collection of prison poetry by Ra?  Yes?  Familiar?  I thought so.  You already have a copy?  Fantastic.  You don’t…?  What are you waiting for?

I’m not likely to tell you anything you don’t already know or couldn’t guess on your own.  The poems are gripping and insightful.  The voice and tone are true to Ra’s signature cadence.  The power of the words will force you to pay attention and make you think.  This poetry packs a punch.  And yet, there is a thread of driving hope, also a signature of Ra’s writing, prevalent throughout.

The poems uncover truths some might not see the value in shining a spotlight on, and some might not even believe are truths at all.  The poems discuss life and death: the often minuscule layer between them, the search for life behind bars, and the reluctance to admit that death is even a possibility.  The poems reveal the pain in the loss of one friend and the joy in the discovery of many new ones.

My words aren’t likely to sway you.  I doubt there is much I could say here to send you racing to buy the book, or to have you decide it wouldn’t interest you at all, but…  If you do happen to be on the fence, I would urge you to give Ra and Sack Nasty a try.  I think you will enjoy what you find within the pages of this book, this collection of prison poetry.


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