Why Should I Believe

You claim to be omnipresent. You are a liar.

Where were you that night when she cried your name? You were nowhere to be found; at least you weren’t by her side. Where were you?

I hope your alternate selection for protection was a suitable one.

You allowed him to lay hand on the base of her neck and squeeze and utter those words so vile.

She lost her soul that night because of you, not him. She plaintively wailed and begged for your return, but you were off. At best case, you were saving countries and lives; at worst, you were answering a lothario’s prayer for a lay. You couldn’t even return to comfort her after the act. You were just too busy.

If anything positive arose, it was me. She finally closed her tear filled eyes. When she opened them, I appeared and she was happy to relinquish control. I have no soul. I promised to protect her. Unlike you, I kept that promise.

May the breath from your prayer return to your lungs in the form of acid.

May your hand sear as it touches my head, not hers. You can only wish to touch hers, but you can’t. You had your chance. You weren’t there. Why should she believe? Why should I believe?


28 thoughts on “Why Should I Believe

  1. The origin story?
    And good questions to ask.
    Some will argue the merits of faith despite all signs against it. I will not. However, I will hope for better days ahead and that perhaps eventually Jaded will no longer be necessary to guard your other self. Because I want that peace for you.

  2. Searing. Just searing. Why should we believe? I think some need to believe, but what does that mean really? I see the comment above about believing in God because he’s real, not because he’s nice. If the real point is that we’re overseen by a cruel, horrible omnipotent entity, then what is the point of life?

  3. Awful truths, and awful, the allowance of humankind’s free will. Awful, awe-ful, and still… *sigh*

    I hate that this is yours, but I understand a little more. I won’t give up hope for you.

    • Thank you, Lizzi. I don’t like that it is mine. I wouldn’t wish it on others, though…and I know many have experienced so much worse. ❤…and I hate that.

      • Most of us wouldn’t wish on others the abuse we received. And I hate that others have it worse, but also that anyone has it at all. Added to which, others having it worse doesn’t diminish or undermine how awful it was for you. Or anyone.

  4. I like this, and yet, I don’t. Because it hurts to know that God doesn’t directly intervene in people’s lives. But I can’t not keep on believing, because it’s what’s got me through my own icks.

    Pope Francis has said something really good about how prayer is works: You pray for the hungry, and then you go feed them, that’s how prayer works.

    If I could have been there to protect the you you were back then, before the birth of Jaded, you know I would have done everything in my power to do so.

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