No Substitutions

Another old one, but this person is still close.

I closed my eyes
to visualize
who wasn’t you.

I let myself venture
in an attempt
to fantasize
about someone
who wasn’t you.

I travelled past
subjects deemed perfect.
Perfection is merely perception.
My perception reminded me
I couldn’t find one
who wasn’t you.

I wandered past
the point of exhaustion,
collapsed in frustration,
refused to accept
one who wasn’t you.

I closed my eyes
to seek a vision.
I ventured.
I travelled.
I wandered
in vain.

The only vision
to materialize
was the one
who was you.

12 thoughts on “No Substitutions

  1. This is so sweet, really. I am glad you are still close.

    So to go off subject, other readers can ignore me.

    So I went to the Pure Barre studio today to check it out before my first class on Saturday. I explained my back injury and that I got cleared from to exercise by two doctors, and they were great! I was so worried I didn’t buy the “right clothes” and thought it would all be skinny chicks and such. I couldn’t be more wrong! Anyways, I had to fill out who referred me there. In my mind I said “uh, djmatticus?” LOL. I knew your name was Matthew and your last name started with a B but couldn’t remember the full last name. So I put “Matt B.” I’ll fix that when I do my first class on Saturday and have them give you credit. OK that’s all I had to say. I’m looking forward to the experience!

  2. You know, I’m really not big on poetry, Jaded. But this one is beautiful. Glad you’re still close with its inspiration.

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