Support Your “Local” Author

Local, as in you are all my faithful kingdomites, right?  Right!

Nothing says, “I love what you write,” like buying an author’s book.  As luck would have it, I happen to have a fun book ready for you to buy right here: The Erratic Sun

The Erratic Sun - Cover

Yep, just click the link, select Kindle or paperback, add it to your cart, check out, and then enjoy the heck out of it when it shows up in your mailbox.

And then do you know what says, “I love you more than the rest?”  Writing a review or two (or forty-two) and leaving them all over the internet for other people to find.

Did you need that link again?  Buy my book here, here, here, and here.


You could buy a signed copy of the book by sending $20 to me via: PayPal

If you decide to go that route, send me an email (djmatticus @ yahoo dot com) to let me know so we can talk inscription for the autograph and so I can get the address you want it shipped to.  (Also, some restrictions apply.  That price is for US only.  I’ll happily ship anywhere in the world I’m allowed to, but I’ll need to factor in the appropriate costs if you are in Azerbaijan.  Again, when in doubt or if you have any questions, just shoot me an email and we will figure it out together.)

Happy reading!


27 thoughts on “Support Your “Local” Author

  1. Dangit, I want a signed copy!!! Oh wait, I just might be seeing you in June, I’ll have you sign it IN PERSON!!! 🙂

  2. DJ, I write this with profound sadness, and total confusion. I cannot find your book anywhere to finish reading it and review. I have sent you $20.00 for another signed copy via Paypal. I have upended this house. Last I knew it was sitting next to my laptop. I didn’t get to finish it after my first sneak peak, so set it next to my laptop and it was always there. I went to pack it for our camping trip, as we have no internet at the campsite and I KNEW I could read it there, and it was gone. POOF! I even showed the mailer it was sent it to my family when I got it and told them I wanted to keep the mailer so that I could send you a thank you card since it had your return addy on it. It as if it never happened. All evidence GONE! No book, No mailer, No joke, either. Anyhoot, I’ll be looking forward to my new copy once I get it, and next time it goes in a VAULT when I get it, lol. (after reading it end-to-end next time, of course)

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